August 3, 2017

Music Biz Mastermind Testimonials

See testimonials from musicians below who worked with me in one of my Music Biz Mastermind coaching programs. 

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“My Life Is Not The Same. Because of Chris and this course, I’ve learned how to offer service to people without being afraid of naming my price. From watching Chris I’ve learned about honesty, integrity, and what I see as genuine love for everyone (qualities I’ve tried to develop my entire life, but which I struggle with). I’ve seen someone who’s just fine with being real, and who offers himself without apology, who doesn’t wait until he’s perfect to give what he has to others, and does so much good in the process of becoming better himself.”

– Holly Hamilton, Pianist/Teacher/Composer (Snowflake, AZ)

“Chris helped me line up my goals and figure out how I was going to achieve them. I have nothing but good things to say about Music Biz Mastermind.”

Watch Caleigh’s video testimonial HERE

“There is literally no one I know who has studied the business of music more thoroughly than Christian. He’s not only a master musician; he’s one of the most knowledgeable people you’ll ever meet in learning how to make a living.”

Joel Harrison, Guggenheim Recipient, Composer/Guitarist (NYC)

“Christian was always there. He made time for every one of us. Whether it was a phone call, text message, or email, he always let me bounce stuff off of him. If you want to grow your business and fulfill your goals I suggest you give him a call.”

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“Since taking Music Biz Mastermind I’ve increased my gigs 20% this year with a head start on several projects for next year. I applied for three grants and scheduled a collaboration with a dance company at a major university. Thanks for all of your help!”

  – Tia Imani Hanna, Singer/Violinist/Teaching Artist (Lansing, MI)

“I am a composer/pianist who has had a very successful career spanning several decades.  I’ve toured with well-known artists, conducted on and off Broadway, and had several Emmy nominations for my work scoring TV. But in 2017 I was feeling a bit lost and stuck. My efforts to find work felt unfocused and unproductive. Christian first of all helped me to focus – to look at my all my options, and prioritize them, taking into account both earnings potential and artistic fulfillment. While Christian’s coaching is focused on the business of art, he is also personally very open and very helpful to talk to about things that can get in the way of reaching out effectively for work, including emotional obstacles. Christian gets back to me with generous feedback in a timely manner, takes a personal interest in my path, can be challenging (in a good way!), and is always supportive. Since working with him I have taken a lot of actions and things are getting clearer, not just through my thinking about them but through interfacing with the real world.”
– Steve Sandberg, Composer/Pianist (NYC)
Check out Steve’s video testimonial HERE

“Christian’s course is informative, collaborative, encouraging and inspiring! After this course, I felt bolder than ever before. I started out having never booked my own show and now I feel confident to advocate for myself. Christian creates a positive, judgment-free environment where myself and other musicians from around the globe were able to support each other to become more successful artists. I would absolutely recommend this course to anybody who wants to make music their career!”

Ariana Bina, Performer/Teacher (Austin, TX)

“Truth, right here! After moving out of state and living in Frisco for a little over a month, we now teach 5 days a week, perform with 4 different groups  and it keeps getting better.  Chris got us here by helping us design a new plan and go through with it, and he kept it real 100% of the time. People who are that honest and give that much are hard to come by. It’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.”

Neil Fong Gilfillan and Rachel Samson, Chili Dog Strings Teaching Studio (Frisco, TX)

“Prior to the course I was always waiting and it wasn’t going anywhere. After meeting Chris, I have seen some big changes with a ‘let’s make sh*t happen’ attitude! In Melbourne I had my first summer as a consistent session musician. In Tokyo I decided to work on a solo project I never had courage to do before the course. You’ve completely changed the relationship between the violin and myself ever since I discovered this course. Thank you for constantly being such a positive influence on my life with so much love and passion!”    

Elle Shimada, Performer/Producer/Composer (Tokyo and Melbourne)

“The best part of your course is that it really put a microscope on what I was doing and made me think about how I could be more focused, better with time management, and have less headaches and more money. Quality over quantity. I really enjoyed looking closer at what makes sense for my business- a business that I love. I’m so glad I slowed down long enough to give myself the opportunity to learn from you and others in this class.”

Natalie Brown, Teacher/Performer/Composer (Cedar Rapids, IA)

“I’m so glad I took this course! I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. This has been musically fulfilling for me in addition to improving my business skills.”

Jazzly Moné, Violinist/Teacher (San Diego, CA)

“Things have been going really well and I continually think about how the Music Biz course instigated all my motivation for success this year! I’ve continued to follow the outline and plan developed in the class for my Inspiring Stewardship workshops. Because of this, I have presented workshops and performances to 1000 elementary and middle school students.”

Stephen Wood, Composer/Pianist/Clinician (Atlanta, GA)

“I’m happy to report that I am doing much better now! I’ve done some TV work as a result of this course. I’ve toured all over Palestine, played at Carnegie Hall with my group, and made a professor debut in Japan. Also, I’ve played a big festival with a famous DJ. The way I approach any of these situations is now totally different because of this course. I am definitely more comfortable with business matters and taking advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. Thank you!”

Megumi Saruhashi, Performer (NYC)

“The Music Biz Mastermind course that I took with Christian Howes was terrific. I am both a musician and a business analyst in the corporate world and I felt that in general I had good skills. However, I learned even more from Chris and saw immediate results. I follow up on leads and feel more confident that I have a service of value to offer. Chris is as passionate about the music business as he is about playing. He has a wealth of information and practical advice. I highly recommend anything that Chris is involved with as he is a fine musician, teacher, and person.”

Laurie Melting Stegner, Musician (Minneapolis, MN)

“Many musicians struggle to take a deeply personal art form and monetize it, but Christian is able to help any musician improve their business. He has an uncanny ability to understand when someone needs brutal honesty or soaring inspiration. His music business advice is unparalleled in its influence on my own career, and I recommend his course to anyone that’s ready to take charge of their success.”

  Greg Byers, Performer/Composer/Educator/Producer (Minneapolis, MN)

“Christian’s workshop is exceptionally motivating and practical. The workshop gives a clear outline of how to be successful in the music business while maintaining oneself as a unique individual with distinctive musical qualities. As a musician, I have been studying my craft my whole life. This workshop gave me the confidence and essential tools to build my talent into a business by distinguishing clear business-minded goals.”

      Raquel Ravaglioli Music Therapist/Performer (Los Angeles, CA)

“It would be great if us creatives could just devote 100% of our time to create the culture shaping art that our gifts have the ability to catalyze.  However, the reality is that we have to devote a considerable amount to the game plan for how to sustain ourselves financially to pursue our passions.  Christian Howes has a unique mind for the strategies creatives can use to support themselves on a long term basis.  My advice is to check out his program extensively.  The modern creative HAS to think this way to thrive.”

Hamilton Hardin, Producer/Composer/Multi-Instrumentalist (Memphis, TN)

“It takes creativity to evolve as a creative professional, and Chris is the king of creativity. I entered my professional music career under his guidance and I continue to look to his example for how to live a balanced life.”

   Christopher Marion, Producer/Composer (Nashville, TN)

“Chris motivated me to pursue my music more tenaciously as a business. As a result of that, I’ve been able to make a living solely by playing music. Chris helped me get to a point in my community where I can have a jazz gig one day, a string quartet gig the next, and a country gig the day after. I am very grateful to have these experiences in my life.”

 Erik Joran Jon Johnson-Scherger, Performer/Violinist (Waterloo, ON)

“I took part in Chris’ 1.0 version back in February 2016. So far, the effect this has had on my business has paid for the class tenfold! Not only did I learn from Chris’ generous sharing of advice, I also learned a great deal through interacting with the many other participants. Music Biz Mastermind was the best thing that I’ve done for my career since I picked up a violin and started playing.”

                 – Mark Woodyat, Musician (Scranton, PA)

“After one month of Christian’s program, I added 5 regular students to my calendar, recorded an EP with a new rock band, picked up more wedding gig inquiries, booked a tour, landed a weekly church gig, and booked 6 corporate events playing solo piano. I now feel confident that in life’s ups and downs, I know how to secure work for myself without having to rely on “so and so to keep calling.” So, hit Christian Howes up. It’s a free 30 minute phone call with one of the very best jazz violinists in the world.”

Reggie Berg, Pianist, Composer, Teacher (Denver, CO)

“Christian’s business course is truly rewarding because of his open-structured, and individualized approach to the curriculum. He meets you right where you are along the journey, and keeps you in the driver’s seat. Combining positive psychology and organizational skills, I’ve adapted his method into my everyday routine.”

– George Crotty, Cellist/Composer (Boston, MA)

“The Biz Mastermind course gave me tremendous value in terms of foundational processes, tactics, strategy, not to mention real results. Recently I performed my second show as a featured artist and unveiled a brand new outreach project. All created with my Biz Mastermind approach. The journey is ending but much is to be done as I feel this marks the beginning of a long and prosperous journey. If you’re a musician or freelance creative and you want to move forward with your career, I highly recommend you check it out.”

– Jordan Hamilton, Cellist/Composer

“Do you feel stuck in a rut? Need someone to blow wind into your sails? I did. Chris Howes is an amazing mentor. He pours out his wealth of knowledge and expertise and inspires you in ways you cannot imagine. He made a life-changing impact on me and I am so grateful. I highly recommend the Music Biz Masterclass. Invest in yourself and your future: take this course!”

Wendy Valentic, Musician/Educator

“I really enjoyed working with Christian Howes. He is a real human being that offers real feedback on your business. I knew what my goals were but he helped me realize what was wrong in my approach. After working a month on my music career goals, things slowly started to change and I saw the results of my efforts. I would highly recommend working with Christian.”

– Antoine Fatout, Drummer/Educator (Columbus, OH)

“Christian’s Music Biz Mastermind is a great way to improve your music business. Christian understands how musicians think, and what we struggle with to promote ourselves. He was extremely accessible during the course, and bent over backwards to make himself available at any time of the day or night. I recommend the course to anyone who wants to make a positive change in his or her business.”

Nicolo McKenzie, Educator/Violinist (CA)

“As a Suzuki teacher who is looking to teach music full-time, Chris has helped me believe in myself and to pursue what I truly love to do. Since the course began I was afraid to reach out to people for help, advice, and guidance and now I can do that with greater ease. I am forever grateful to Chris for his ability to be compassionately honest with me! Working with Chris and connecting with others on the Facebook page has been tremendously inspiring and motivating for me. I highly recommend Chris’ course for anyone who wants to positively impact their life and career and to achieve their music business dreams!”

– Wendy Tanner, Musician/Educator

“I particularly loved your authenticity and transparency with all sales activities. Also, I liked the setup of the group that creates a lot of positive momentum, plus your personal commitment, replying and following up to each and every comment. Amazing, and very helpful.””

– Wolfgang Erharter, Musician/Business Consultant (Vienna, Austria)

antoine beaux music biz mastermind

“I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your precious help!! I’m getting better and better at creating opportunity for my career and I’m really learning from my teaching experience at Berklee! Thanks again for helping me in the process!”

– Antoine Beaux; bandleader, teacher, producer, violinist and co-founder of 2Birds Band

“I was definitely having a difficult time making ends meet. In desperation, I went online to look up any information that involved making an income teaching music. Following Christian’s advice, I tripled my income in 6 months. It was amazing to work with Chris. He is motivating, intelligent and understands the mind of a musician. I was severely lacking knowledge in the business side of things. Chris helped me fill in the rest and now not only is my studio full, I have a waiting list!  Thanks Chris!!”

–  Susan Monteior, violinist/educator

Julian Spiro Music Biz Mastermind“When I started MBM, I was working full time as an English teacher. I had zero paying gigs, zero students, and had almost given up on making music full-time. Chris’ expert guidance and the structure of the course helped me go from there to gigging full time (and more importantly, I now have the tools and feel empowered to keep creating opportunities for myself). Chris shows up every day and really cares – he consistently went above and beyond to help.”

–  Julian Spiro, violinist (Boston, MA)


“Thank you for such a great online course! Thank you so much for giving me all the advice and suggestions on building my career, making more income and growing my studio! I’ve got much more confidence to ask around for more opportunities!”

– Janetta Tang, private teacher and freelance classical performer (Dallas, TX)

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