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April 17, 2020

Play Along Lessons- Age 12-16 (Middle School-Early High School)

Here are all of the play along lessons appropriate for the students around the age of 12-16. Included are Christian’s solos on the relevant backing tracks, to show what your students will be able to do if they follow through with the skills in the video! 

All of the backing tracks for this series can be found here.

Check out the YouTube playlist, containing all the Done-For-You Play Along Lessons.

D Major Play-Along

A simple play-along lesson using all notes from the D Major scale. 

Blues Shuffle

An introduction to all of the parts of a shuffle groove: percussion, bass line, melody, and more!


Learn the basics of bluegrass melodies and solos.

Fiddle Tunes/Old Time Fiddle

Funk Groove 

Learn how to play funky, syncopated melodies over a solid groove with Christian Howes. 

More FUNK!

Happy Music/Serious Skills

Get your sense of humor on and your creativity flowing with these improv exercises.  

 Left Hand Yoga/The River Series

Introducing a brand-new approach to left hand shapes and harmony. Play along and see what it’s all about! 

Right Hand Yoga Series

This technique-based series introduces a creative approach to bow arm/bow hand development.


A creative-from-the-start approach to vibrato, emphasizing the relationship to intonation.

Pop/R&B Waltz Series

Play melodies along with a beautiful chord progression in waltz time (3/4). This series includes partner content specifically for cello and bass students.


Learn to play with a lyrical triplet groove in the doo-wop/soul style. Special focus on bowing patterns.

Fast Blues/Rock and Roll Play-Along

Let’s Rock! This play along will help to expand melodic and rhythmic ideas over a blues progression with a rock and roll feel.

Feel-Good Pop

This relaxed progression is perfect to learn the basics of improvisation and melody.

Slow R&B/Composition Exercises

Warm up and do some spontaneous composition exercises over a slow R&B groove.

Southern Soul/Feel Good Pop

Learn to build a basic pop/soul groove and play melodies overtop with Christian Howes!

Bossa Nova

Get an introduction to this beautiful music from Brazil, and how to approach it on a bowed string instrument.

Jazz/Blues Play-Along

Get an introduction to jazz playing and the usage of the bow in a triplet swing groove.


You have to hear it to believe it!