October 20, 2019

How to Survive Financially Online or Offline Now


The Music Biz Mastermind is my private mentoring group designed to help professional musicians, teachers, or freelancers of any kind to create more money, time, and peace of mind to focus on things you care about.

The special offer on this page grants you access Free for 30 days, with no obligation to stay.

What you’ll get with your membership to the secret Facebook group:

  • Answers to your questions, anytime, whether related to sales, marketing, strategy, in any facet of the music industry.
  • A supportive community of professional musicians dedicated to improving their careers and lives
  • Content organized by topic; If it’s not already there, I’ll create it for you.
Could Joining a Mastermind Group Really Change Your Life?
If you focus on the right things for 1 hour of your day, you can dramatically shift the amount of income you generate. 
The problem is most people focus on the wrong things.
They check Facebook, email, Instagram, you name it. Or they do “the little things” first and claim they’ll do the the important stuff later. (Newsflash: that rarely works.)
Over the past 23 years I’ve developed systems that have allowed me to earn a good living and support my family, while being creative and taking the projects I really enjoy.
It’s NOT about how MUCH you work. It’s about WHAT you do during that time. That’s what I’m going to help you with.
The only other ways to learn what I teach is if you pay more for private coaching, go to business school, pay other consultants 10 times more, or work for 23 years like I have:
running my own booking agency, touring, running camps, selling digital products, going to trade shows, founding a non profit, running subscription sites, doing content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, an authority channel on Youtube, sideman to stars, session recording, running a profitable podcast, events, joint venture partnerships, online lessons, endorsements, licensing deals, creating a remote recording business, composing for commercials and films, running an online private studio, getting gigs with colleges, performing arts centers, festivals and orchestras, working with agencies, and consulting hundreds of musicians in how to grow their businesses.
My point is not to brag. My experience or success isn’t the main reason you should work with me.
You should work with me because I care about my members; I will show up for you. My success relies on creating results for clients so they will provide testimonials like the ones on this page from real people who have benefitted from working with me.
The way I see it, assuming you are afflicted by any concerns, confusion, or struggles in your business currently, or you have a desire to change the status quo, you have three choices:
1) Do nothing. Your life and business will probably stay the same.
2) Try to figure it out yourself. Trial and error may eventually get you where you want to be.
3) Try this. (There’s no risk).
If you’re a freelancer or teacher looking for creative ways to generate income now, join my private business support group Free for 30 days. Cancel anytime. After 30 days, if you decide to stay you will be charged $39.95 per month (cancel anytime). 
Click the link below to join now.

When You’ll Get When You Join:

– The Freelancer Financial Survival Guide- Step by step resources to save you time & energy, generate clients, students, projects, & make money now online or offline.

– Access to my personal help anytime in the private group forum. You’ll also learn how I run my diverse online business 


I’ll help you:

-Amplify your message & promote your services more effectively.

 -Clearly communicate your value.

-Create know, like, and trust so people say yes to your offers.


Are you an educator? After 12 years teaching online, I’ve realized:

-You can make a bigger impact, enroll more students, while saving time and energy

-Your students can have more flexible options in how they work with you, so you land more premium clients while also getting  buyers for smaller products and services.

– I’ll teach you how to conserve your energy and time to make the biggest impact in your marketing


What’s the Deal with Online Education?

My courses and private studio memberships (in music instruction & business coaching) offer my students flexible options depending on their budgets, schedules, and goals. It’s allowed me to serve more people,  minimizing my  time spent, and create more recurring income.

You can do the same thing, even with a very small group of students.

I’ll help you deliver a variety of services, with a variety of price points, so you serve more people, reduce your stress, & survive financially.

The main things that make you a great teacher (or service provider of any kind) are:

  1. you care about your students/clients 

     2. you come to them at their level

     3. you know your stuff (or at least you are two steps ahead of where they are)

People work with you because you care enough to show up for them and do your best. That won’t change online. You get to define the terms and ways in which you work. You can make it great for everyone.


Teach to One. Repurpose for Many

-When you make educational content for one student, you can repurpose this content and sell as courses.  I’ll teach you to leverage, amplify, sell and resell your content without working endless hours.

What if you’re NOT an educator?

You still need to find the smartest and best way for you to earn a living, online or offline. 

I’ll teach you:

-How to make it easier for people to pay you for your services or products

-How to sell ethically, comfortably

-How to price in uncertain times

 Join 30 days free. Cancel anytime. After 30 days you will be charged $39.95. Cancel anytime.



Do you struggle with figuring out how to stop hustling long enough to sit down and make a real plan that is going to get real results instead of just running around from this idea to that idea and feeling exhausted?

Does living with financial uncertainty stress you out? 

Do you feel like your business is stuck in a rut?

Business isn’t magic. Most creatives never learned it, and most of us are so stuck in our day to day, we struggle to see clearly how to move forward. Getting support in your business is just like getting a private teacher to learn an instrument. You’ve probably had a private teacher for music. Don’t you think it makes sense to get one for your business?

I’ve formally coached over 250 professional musicians of many different backgrounds, ages, and interests, who got results working with me. 



Is it Right for You?

I believe you’re perfect for this if you’re:

-A musician or teacher of any kind.

-Any type of freelance service provider.  

-Whether you’re just starting in your career, or an industry veteran ready for a change 

-Developing a side hustle while working another job or piecing together various streams of income

Many of my clients increase income, gain control of their careers, to better design their lifestyles:

Neil and Rachel run a private teaching studio. I helped them fill their studio quickly when they moved to a new city; Now their studio has a waiting list, they run a thriving Youtube channel, and they’re inspiring Suzuki teachers as leaders in the field.

Reggie is a versatile, skilled pianist. Despite immense talent and charm, he was working at Office Max. I helped him get more work performing as a leader and sideman in a wide variety of situations, including corporate, orchestral, touring, teaching, and more.  He doesn’t work at Office Max anymore and his calendar is full with well-paid work.

Caleigh was juggling teaching and performing gigs in NYC. I helped her increase income teaching, build work touring for recognized bands, promote her own shows, and attract session recording work. Now she maintains bases in L.A. and NYC.


What’s different about this offer:

Until recently, my clients have paid either $500 per month for private coaching or $147 per month to join the group. I created this offer for people who want a more affordable entry point to transform their business.

You can get the membership for free for thirty days, and if you decide to stay, it’s only $39.95 per month.

Benefits you can expect to receive:

  • Clear course of action to get more of the gigs, projects,  clients, customers, or students you want.
  • Increased clarity and confidence in knowing you are making sound decisions related to your life, business, and art.

What I’ll ask from you:

  • Engage in the process.
  • Be open to feedback.


As soon as you register, you’ll get an email from me within 24 hours and I will give you access to everything. 

This is truly risk-free. Simply cancel within 30 days and you will not be billed a dime. If you stay after 30 days you will be charged $39.95 per month as long as you stay. That’s half the cost of one private lesson.

If you’d prefer working with me directly through private coaching, I charge $500 per month. You can apply to schedule a call and we can both decide if it’s a good fit. Apply to schedule a call here. Otherwise, read on…

If you’re a freelancer or teacher looking for creative ways to generate income now, join my private business support group Free for 30 days. Cancel anytime. After 30 days, if you decide to stay you will be charged $39.95 per month (cancel anytime). 
This free trial offer will go away.  Click the link below to join now.