May 18, 2011

Sample Performance

My current projects:

1)Christian Howes and the Dangerous Band- My original music, usually performed by quartet or quintet. (You can hear some of this on the widget on this page).

2) Fiddle Evolution- The co-led project with wunderkind fiddler, Billy Contreras, featuring all kinds of madness with twin fiddles and either bass or cello (and sometimes adding drums).

3)Howes, Lechner, Martin, “Klazyc” Trio- Featuring classical themes with modern improvisation. Federico Lechner and Pablo Martin are based in Madrid and we frequently perform in Europe.

4) Christian and Camille Howes (plus special guests)- Father-daughter duo presenting classical, jazz, and folk music for family audiences.

5)Various collaborations, duos, etc… I enjoy putting together shows of all kinds, and frequently pick up bands on the road or put together collaborations for special occasions.

email me to inquire about bookings: chris@christianhowes.com