January 21, 2013

Christian Howes Solo

Christian Howes takes standard repertoire and combines it with today’s technology to accompany himself. Armed with a violin, pickup, guitar amp, and a loop pedal, this 45-75 minute show can be adapted to assemblies for K-12. Christian uses a loop pedal, accompanying himself to demonstrate a “world of violin.” The family audiences adaptation, showing Christian’s own musical development, from age 5 to 40, as he progressed from “Twinkle,” to Bach, to Paganini, bluegrass, jazz, and more, is particularly inspiring to kids and young music students. For classical, jazz, or more sophisticated listening audiences, Christian has a range of more contemporary material to perform.

Please email tiffany@goodmanartists.com to inquire about more information and availability.

Guest Soloist with Orchestra and Big Band

Christian’s programs for orchestra, string orchestra, and big band include repertoire appropriate for Jazz, Classical, Crossover, and Pops.

In addition to his work with professional ensembles, he also offers programs for student ensembles and educational workshops. For more info about student orchestra programing, click here: Residencies and Outreach

Full Orchestra- Repertoire

– “Concerto for Jazz Violin and Orchestra” by Scott Routenberg is a three movement work evoking jazz and fiddle styles, somewhat reminiscent of Aaron Copeland, (approximately 15 minutes). Christian and conductor Doug Droste were invited by the U.S. State Department to tour in Ukraine in conjunction with the U.S. Embassy to Ukraine as cultural ambassadors. Here is a performance with the Muncie Symphony Orchestra:

-“Spain” – An excellent showcase for the strings and full orchestra. (10 minutes, Chick Corea jazz standard – arranged by James Anderson)

  • The two pieces above are often paired with Christian adding solos with loops for encores, or performing separate pieces with rhythm section.

Classical Concerti available by request

Solo With String Orchestra

-Several easy pieces by Bert Ligon are perfect for high school, youth and community orchestras. These pieces include Latin, swing, blues, rock, and funk arrangements which are easy to learn and enable students to assimilate these different styles.

-For more advanced student groups, Christian Howes has arrangements of some of his original pieces

Big Band

Christian can also recommend additional arrangements, compose commissions, or work with your arrangements.

Speaking- Christian speaks on a range of topics from personal and character development, entrepreneurialism, education, to social justice. He incorporates a broad inspirational message drawing from his own story as a young man who’s choices led him to serve four years in Ohio prisons from the age of 20-24 on a drug charge.  He welcomes opportunities to collaborate with civic organizations, prisons, at-risk youth, and presenters serving diverse populations within their communities.

For additional repertoire, please email chris@christianhowes.com

Please email tiffany@goodmanartists.com to inquire about more information and availability.