May 21, 2013

Jazz Violin Harmony master series

Mastering Harmony: for classical string players

Growing up a Suzuki violin player, my ears were trained to perceive melodies, but they never grasped the harmony underlying.

If you are a classical violinist, violist, or cellist struggling with hearing and understanding harmony, or if you are a string player interested in pursuing jazz, this series is made for you.

In this package:

•Express and internalize jazz harmony on the violin, viola, and cello.

•Comprehend music from a harmonic standpoint

•The Violin Harmony Handbook (usually $29.95) is accompanied by the video series for a comprehensive, step-by-step course

Jazz Violin Harmony Fundamentals Multimedia Course (Video Series + eBook)
  • Hear and internalize harmony as thoroughly as you do melody.
  • Master skills utilized on a daily basis by top improvising violin players worldwide- skills taught at the Berklee School of Music as part of their string major proficiency requirements.
  • This bundle includes a four-part video series of Chris demonstrating and expanding on key information found in the Violin Harmony Handbook (also included!)
  • Level: Intermediate and Up
Also included in our Creative Strings Academy
Price: $45.00