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February 25, 2013

Is The Creative Strings Workshop Right For Me?

With the amount of different summer music camps available around the country, it can be hard to decide which one(s) to attend. If you invest your time and money in a music camp, you should get what you want out of it. At the Creative Strings Workshop, you receive instruction from some of the world’s leading improvising string players, but there are other factors to consider, and we want you to be sure that it’s right for you.


Should I do the Youth or Adult programs?


If you are local to the Columbus area and between the age of 11-16, the youth program may be right for you. It is less intensive (4 hours per day), and serves more as an introduction and survey course.

If you are 14 or older, and you are looking for a full-on intense summer camp experience, we recommend you sign up for the adult program. This is the full CSW experience that goes from the morning to late night every day. We’ve had adult registrants from ages 14-80 in the past.


Live Performances


What’s the point of studying something if you can’t apply it? Many camps offer hours of lecture each day, but information can’t be built upon unless you apply it. During the Creative Strings Workshop, you will perform in front of an audience through several of the over 25 live performances throughout the week in venues ranging from clubs, theaters, cafes, and more.

We believe that real world performance experiences will help you gain confidence and make strides as a musician.




Instruction Catered To Your Interests


The schedule is very adaptable to cater to your diverse interests. We help you customize a course of study throughout the week around your skills and goals.

Outside of the standard classroom schedule, the faculty is always willing to sit down with you one-on-one and go over that specific idea that overwhelmed you, or talk about how to play more like your idol. The learning doesn’t stop once the class is over.



Learn With Players At Your Skill Level


As a youngster, it can be intimidating working and learning with others who may be older than you. Although the workshop allows participants both young and old, everyone is on the same playing field. Everyone has a different musical background and skill set, but everyone comes with a common goal.



“But I’ve never played jazz before!”


You’re not alone! Every year, the Workshop has its share of players who have never played jazz or any style other than classical, and every year, they finish the week with a strong fundamental understanding of the things they need to continue their education.


This interview with Yamaha goes over many more details and things to expect at the Creative Strings Workshop. Click here to listen to the interview.


If you would like some more information on the Creative Strings Workshop, we welcome to you to talk to Christian Howes directly. You can email or call him at any time. chris@christianhowes.com / 614.332.8689


Register for the 2013 Creative Strings Workshop here.