May 21, 2013

Improvisation for Classical Players: Free Improvisation

Free Improvisation Master Series

Want to take your improvisation to the next level? This comprehensive video course will help you unlock your potential.


In this package:

•Gain an understanding of the basics of free improvisation

•Build a foundation to help you improvise in many different styles

•This five video course will give you all the tools you need to come up with your own musical lines

•This course is a great introduction to improvisation and will help prepare you for my other videos

Free Improvisation Master Series (Video Download)
Improvisation often eludes classical musicians, mostly due to training. This course contains five clear lesson videos so you can begin the art of improvisation, regardless of your current level of fluency in technique, harmony, and contemporary styles. The series relies on an approach with which classical musicians can start creating their own music immediately. This process is similar to that of any three year-old who, shortly after picking up a crayon, begins to naturally develop a personal signature. It was in this way that I first began improvising, in my late teens, unsure what kind of sound I should make. It’s been central to not only developing my signature sound as a composer in “free” realms, but also something which is critical in developing a value system for my approach to improvisation in any conventional, stylistic frameworks.
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