May 21, 2013

Jazz Violin Harmony master series

Mastering Harmony: for classical string players

Growing up a Suzuki violin player, my ears were trained to perceive melodies, but they never grasped the harmony underlying.

If you are a classical violinist, violist, or cellist struggling with hearing and understanding harmony, or if you are a string player interested in pursuing jazz, this series is made for you.

In this package:

•Express and internalize jazz harmony on the violin, viola, and cello.

•Comprehend music from a harmonic standpoint

•The Violin Harmony Handbook (usually $29.95) is accompanied by the video series for a comprehensive, step-by-step course

Jazz Violin Harmony Fundamentals Series Bundle (Videos and Handbook - Downloads)
This special bundle includes the Violin Harmony Handbook (usually $29.95!), which is a perfect companion for this series. Many of the concepts discussed in the handbook are explained and demonstrated in these videos. When Berklee hired me, they asked me to upgrade the proficiency requirements for majors in the string department. The concepts in this curriculum are reflective of the most advanced and current proficiencies for any violinist seeking to internalize harmony on their instrument. When you can do the things in this series, you will be on par with the top improvising violin players worldwide today. The Violin Harmony Handbook is a perfect companion item for this series, as many of the concepts included are all explained and demonstrated in these videos.
Price: $45.00