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November 13, 2013

School Performance Programs

 Repertoire and Collaborative Concert Structure:

Performing with a world-class artist not only motivates students, but encourages them to strive for greatness. Christian can recommend a variety of pieces for your ensemble, or he can perform pieces you recommend. Material can be catered based on the playing level of your ensemble, and will be discussed with you to ensure that your goals and expectations are met.

While Christian is available to come in and simply rehearse and perform with your orchestra or jazz band, combining clinics will leaving a lasting effect on your students.


christian howes works with students as a jazz school visitWhat does a performance entail?

Performances typically range anywhere from 1 hour to 1 hour 45 minutes. Here is a typical concert structure:

30-45 minutes – Performance of pieces with combined student orchestra plus Christian Howes and rhythm section (bass, drums, piano). The student orchestra may also perform some selections alone.

20-45 minutes – Performance by Christian Howes (solo or with band)

10 minutes – Performance with all


Christian will also rehearse with the ensembles to ensure that the students have a firm grasp on the concepts being taught within the charts. The recommended pieces cover a wide variety of genres.


What are some of the pieces that will be performed?

We recommend several arrangements by Bert Ligon for high school, youth and community orchestras. These pieces include Latin, swing, blues, rock, and funk arrangements which are easy to learn and enable students to assimilate these different styles.

For a more challenging level, Christian can provide original arrangements.

Other recommendations include:

  •    “Bird with Strings” – original arrangements of Charlie Parker’s work with strings.
  •    “Jazz” Winter (Vivaldi) – a jazzy version of the classic virtuoso classical piece.

Repertoire for all state, college, community, and professional (full orchestra):

  • Scott Routenberg Jazz Violin Concerto is a three movement work evoking jazz and fiddle styles, a la Copeland. (approximately 15 minutes)
  • “Spain” (10 minutes, Chick Corea jazz standard – arranged by James Anderson). An excellent showcase for the strings.


Classical Concerti

-Lalo Symphony Espagniole
-Piazolla Four Seasons
-Vivaldi Four Seasons
-Bruch Violin Concerto

Christian can recommend additional arrangements, compose commissions, or work flexibly with your suggested repertoire.

Email tiffany@goodmanartists.com to explore bringing Christian Howes to work and perform with your program.