Old Town Road Play-a-long Series

Creative Strings Play-Along Videos Lessons

Old Town Road- Lil Nas X

  • Level: All Levels
  • Time: ~8 minutes per video
  • Contents: 3 Play-Along Videos plus Backing Track Video
  • Scales used: D dorian (C major) and/or D mixolydian (G major)

Here’s a play-along series built on the hit song Old Town Road by Lil Nas X.  Videos are ordered from easiest to hardest, followed by a stand-alone backing track.

Easy Level

If you can play your open A and D, and the notes in between, you can play along with this video.


Still just in first position- just a couple more notes!

Jam Along (intermidiate-Advanced)

More notes and the option to player after Chris, OR just make up your own response. Try notes in D dorian (C major starting from D) or D mixolydian (G major starting from D) as a starting point.

Backing Track

Just play- no examples or instructions.

How did it go? If you’d like to try a tune in a different style, consult the master playlist here

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