Hamilton Hardin

Hamilton Hardin- Any Instrument, Any Genre; Fueled by Faith

Hamilton Hardin is a musical genius. -His album “Just Wanna Say”  is one of the most impressive feats of musicianship I’m aware of, ever, anywhere. -Combining extensive audio clips from his recordings and insights into Hamilton’s musical process, this is one of the best podcast episodes we have produced. Listen to/bookmark the full 80-minute episode Read more about Hamilton Hardin- Any Instrument, Any Genre; Fueled by Faith[…]

Violinist Christian Howes

How to Become a Better & Happier Musician

If you’re frustrated by a sense that your musical growth is stuck, or if you fail to reach musical goals despite spending lots of time in the practice room, sit down with a pen and paper (not your instrument), and follow the steps below. After coaching hundreds of musicians and teachers in both musical and Read more about How to Become a Better & Happier Musician[…]

To Cover or Not to Cover: A Youtube Musician’s DIlemma

Go ahead, laugh it up. I made a POP cover video. It’s an electric violin cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”, done with a loop pedal. A musical Popsicle, if you will. “Popster McPopples”. Watch it embedded below or on Youtube here:   Some people may say things like “Yes, finally!!!” and others will Read more about To Cover or Not to Cover: A Youtube Musician’s DIlemma[…]

Jean Luc Ponty interview

Jean Luc Ponty- Full interview: Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 35

Not only is Jean-Luc Ponty one of the first violinists to adapt the instrument to modern jazz, and one of the great innovators of jazz on any instrument, but he also may be one of the most popular and respected violinists in any genre.
As it turns out, he is also a humble spirit, and generous with his knowledge, experience, and time.

T​here are few greater privileges than to learn about an art form directly from one of its greatest living exponents. Combine that feeling with getting to speak with one of your personal heroes, and you have a special experience on your hands in this full interview with Jean Luc Ponty!

In this conversation, we explore key points in his development, musical conception, elements of his violin playing, and more