Lessons in Musical Creativity from Itzhak Perlman and Gaelynn Lea

A major difference between classical music and “creative” music is the ability of the artist to decide what to play and what not to play. I’m all for classical music, but I love the equalizing effect that being a creative artist allows.

Technical virtuosity isn’t a requisite for musical creativity.

The willingness to put yourself out there despite whatever your limitations is.

Gaelynn Lea demonstrates this beautifully in this video:

Itzhak Perlman presumably has some physical limitations now which he didn’t have in his prime. Plus, it may have been difficult to arrange for an accompanist during quarantine. By telling a story and playing a short unaccompanied excerpt, he created a beautiful moment for the audience.

We all have limitations. Some are technical, others have to do with knowledge and perspective, learning style, or familiarity with musical concepts & language.

Gaelynn and Itzhak both demonstrate creative ways to respond to limits. I hope you can take their examples as inspiration to reflect on your own  ability to make something of your own, regardless of whatever limitations you may have.

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