Crossing a River of Suck

You have to suck at something before you can be good at it. It's at once obvious and confounding.  This interview from the River of Suck podcast between Andy Reiner and Cedric Easton, recorded live from the Creative Strings Workshop in Columbus, perfectly wraps up the focus of the past season for me. Read on Read more about Crossing a River of Suck[…]

Music in Don Jon features Christian Howes Strings

We posted earlier this year that our strings were heavily featured in the Sundance film, Don Jon’s Addiction. After being picked up for national distribution (and a slight title change to Don Jon) we are happy to announce that the movie premiered in the US on Friday, September 27th. Collaborative effort Don Jon writer, director and Read more about Music in Don Jon features Christian Howes Strings[…]

Jazz Violin Giveaways and Improvisation Secrets Revealed

Gift #2) Secrets revealed :

1)beginning with a “scale-based” approach to improvisation really DOESN’T WORK, beyond a very limited scope…

2) some people try to improvise based on their knowledge of arpeggios in root position and


My Editorial in Strings Magazine – Let’s Rebrand “Alternative Styles” Strings

For those of you that haven’t picked up the July issue of Strings Magazine, here is a re-posting of my article We need a clear, positive definition about what is missing from traditional classical-music education, including improvisation. By Christian Howes Christian Howes advocates for ‘creative string playing.’ (String players interested in studying my teaching related Read more about My Editorial in Strings Magazine – Let’s Rebrand “Alternative Styles” Strings[…]

Summer Camps for String Players

If you’re trying to develop as a creative string player, summer camp is a great option for adults as well as kids. First let me tell you about the innovative Creative Strings Workshop, catering to adult pros/semipros, teachers, and/or serious players as young as 16.  This conference is devoted exclusively to a wide array of Read more about Summer Camps for String Players[…]