If you want better gigs, projects, and clients as a musician, I’m ready to help you accelerate the process now.

The new Music Biz Mastermind is open, and enrollment closes October 15!

If you know anything about me, you know enough to decide whether you trust that I can help you grow your business.

The only question is whether or not you’re ready to take action now.

Focus on what works:

People think they need help with Facebook. People think they need help with getting a manager, branding, viral Youtube campaigns, building their tribe, and a lot more…

But the best way to get new clients, projects, students, or gigs is by offering your services to the right people, efficiently and effectively.

That’s what you need to focus on.

You can make offers by phone, via email, through an agent or an assistant, through social media…

There are plenty of ways to do this.

Even if you don’t have a lot of experience.

Even if you’re not naturally outgoing.

Without sacrificing your integrity or being a jerk.

I cover all of this inside Music Biz Mastermind.


This is not a get rich quick scheme.

People don’t succeed by pushing a button. This course will teach you to grow your business fast and reliably, using common sense skills and processes.

If you follow the course you WILL get results.

Here’s why:

Every gig, client, or project you get comes to you because someone knows about your work and trusts you to show up and do your best.

If you want MORE of the right people to hire you, all you need to do is get your work in front of them and make it a no-brainer for them to hire you.

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Having the right info is not enough.

Access to information about how to sell yourself us just one factor in whether or not you’ll achieve success.

Information falls flat without clarity, feedback, and accountability.

Clarity happens when we articulate limited, specific goals. Most of us get nothing done because we’re trying to do too much at once.

Feedback is what a private teacher gives you after you’ve practiced something, pointing out things you can do better. You Tube provides information, but YouTube doesn’t give feedback.

Accountability is the thing we feel when we make a promise to someone. Like when you tell your boss or teacher you’ll turn something in by a certain time. Accountability usually increases when we set deadlines, make a promise to someone else, and pay for something, aka, when we’re invested.

When’s the last time you told yourself you would take some kind of meaningful action to grow your business? And how accountable have you been?

How accountability works:

We’re more likely to lose weight when we hire a personal trainer or nutritionist.

We’re more likely to practice when we hire a teacher and schedule lessons (or have a gig!)

We’re more likely to finish a training when we sign up for school or a paid course.


What You’ll Get With Music Biz Mastermind:

Strategy- “How To” get more clients, gigs, projects, or students.

Support/Feedback- Personalized feedback in response to all questions related to your business.

Accountability- Develop a clear, sustainable, and efficient regimen for getting clients and hold to it.

Community- Membership in an exclusive community of professional musicians working towards similar goals.

Clarity- Reduce overwhelm and eliminate paralysis by clarifying your goals and the most effective ways to accomplish them.


Here’s How:

– You’ll be added our secret FB Group where you’ll post your goals and check in twice a week. You’ll also be able to see posts from others in the community.

– You’ll get personalized 1-1 real time feedback via group calls twice monthly.

– You’ll receive complete responses to all posts and questions.

– Accountability partners will help you stay focused and follow through

–  Time-lined assignments will give you clarity and structure.

– Content tailored to your goals will be posted regularly.

“My Life Is Not The Same. Because of Chris and this course, I’ve learned how to offer service to people without being afraid of naming my price. From watching Chris I’ve learned about honesty, integrity, and what I see as genuine love for everyone (qualities I’ve tried to develop my entire life, but which I struggle with). I’ve seen someone who’s just fine with being real, and who offers himself without apology, who doesn’t wait until he’s perfect to give what he has to others, and does so much good in the process of becoming better himself.”

– Holly Hamilton, Pianist, Teacher, Composer (Snowflake, AZ)


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How To Sell Your Services- The full Music Biz Mastermind includes a simple to execute step-by-step system for growing your business. Overcome your fear of selling or demystify the sales process by using “plug and play” sales templates, checking out our simple frameworks to help you make better offers (and faster), getting tips and techniques to overcome your fear of selling, exploring ways to improve your marketing materials, and much more.


By using our secret Facebook page our community is able to post their progress AND their struggles to the wall without fear of intimidation, and with a supportive group of folks sharing similar struggles. This group consists of professional musicians all over the world who are serious about growing their careers. You’ll be able to see other people’s successes, as well as the challenges they encounter and mistakes they make (and how to avoid them.) You’ll be able to generate content for feedback directly from other community members, as well as share your thoughts and experiences on what they are working on.


Your goals should directly relate to your purpose. In the course you’ll carve out time to work on your business and clarify your commitment and your purpose and structure concise goals around this purpose. Why are you willing to work hard now to create a better business and lifestyle in the long run? The “why” should be easy to answer. For example, you need money to survive, or to support your family, live your dream, support your cause or contribute to the world in accordance with your belief system, or so you can do your music on higher and higher levels, under better conditions. Maybe you need more time to enjoy your life and contribute to the people you care about, including taking care of yourself.


You’ll get personalized feedback on all of your questions and posts, and twice a month we’ll go live in a group call. Do you have a specific question about the material inside the course? Or maybe you’re curious how a specific technique or tactic applies to your specific situation? These live calls are an opportunity to hear me break down real problems other people encounter, and go back and forth live with me about your own.


We will help you structure your to-dos, to create a time to keep up and succeed at accomplishing your goals. We’ll help you to quantify these goals, prioritize, and make sure that these goals are serving your vision.


This is truly risk free. Why? Because I offer a 30 day guarantee. Here’s how it works: join Music Biz Mastermind and get started. You’ll get instant feedback from me to start getting new clients. If you decide it’s not working for you, email us before the 30th day, show me you did the work, and I’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund.


Here’s the special offer…

The target rate for entry to the FB group (for most people) will be $189

If you know right now that this is for you, I’ll knock off $42 and make it $147 per month.


You’ll be locked into a special monthly rate for all of these benefits, forever.

Of course,  you can cancel anytime, and I’ll even GUARANTEE the first month. If you’re not satisfied, and you show up even a little bit in the group, let me know within 30 days of the time you sign up and I’ll refund you fully and promptly.

How does that sound?

Remember, I’m only extending this offer until October 15th.

Click below to join now:

Over 60 clients have participated in intensive, premium courses the past 2 years priced at $600 per month, and many got incredible results (see testimonials below and more here).

The 30-day courses are really intense, and I created the new course to reduce the intense pressure, be sustainable, with minimal investment required.

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive ongoing feedback, support, and accountability, especially if cost wasn’t an issue?



“There is literally no one I know who has studied the business of music more thoroughly than Christian. He’s not only a master musician; he’s one of the most knowledgeable people you’ll ever meet in learning how to make a living.”

Joel Harrison, Guggenheim Recipient, Composer, Guitarist (NYC)




“Since taking Music Biz Mastermind I’ve increased my gigs 20% this year with a head start on several projects for next year and the recording of CDs three and four in the works. I applied for three grants and scheduled a collaboration with a dance company at a major university. Thanks for all of your help!”

Tia Amani Hanna, Singer, Violinist, and Teaching Artist (Lansing, MI)


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