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January 29, 2019

Jazz Case Study- Minor Swing

The tune “Minor Swing” is an old gypsy jazz tune made popular by Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli. The relatively simple chord changes and form make it a useful vehicle to practice improvisation and fundamentals at any level. In the video below, Christian discusses some specifics relevant to how to apply fundamentals to the framework of a tune.

0:00- Introduction
1:15- Inner voices/basic chord movements
2:35- Triadic sounds are okay!
3:10- Basics of inner voices
4:50- Ways of expressing inner voices
5:20- Bass lines
6:45- Basics of walking
7:45- Arpeggios of chords
8:25- Voice led arpeggio exercises
12:20- Scale exercises
16:25- Connecting arpeggios with scales
18:10- Musical-subtractive practices
20:15- Demonstration of overplaying
22:00- Motivic playing
24:22- Final solo demonstration
26:00- Free backing track!