How to Find out if You Have a Rhythmic Blindspot

My kids are both left-handed. When we play frisbee or basketball they refer to their right hand as their “use-less” hand.

A lot of musicians have a similar relationship to rhythm in that we feel certain rhythms more strongly than others.

When we come from a classical or folk background​ our “dominant” rhythmic feel is duple ( 4/4, 2/4)

Playing triplets can feel like our brain is useless,

like trying to throw frisbee or basketball with your non-dominant arm.

This rhythmic blind spot around triplet-based meters hinders our overall musicianship:

Most musicians I work with don’t know they have this rhythmic blind spot around feeling & playing triplets, or how it limits their musical expression.

If you want to test how fluid you are with triplets, or to develop your fluidity, play short phrases back to this video.

I tailored it for less advanced players, but it’s applicable for advanced players too. If you’d like to develop rhythmic ambidexterity:
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