Going to ASTA? Come sit in with my rock orchestra

string players and teachers are invited to come out to the first ever “Eclectic Strings Festival” hosted by the American String Teacher’s Association(ASTA).  I’ve been asked to handle the “rock orchestra”.  Andy Carlson (fiddle), Martin Norgaard (jazz), and Randy Sabien (jazz), will guest conduct their respective portions of the concert. (The name, “Eclectic Strings” was not my idea!)
What I can promise: my “Rock Orchestra” will be light on spandex and bad hair. Also light on 1980. A minimum of cosmetic surgery and retro- metrosexuality.  You know I’m a jazz snob, but what you maybe didn’t know is why, i.e., because by learning the skills and knowledge necessary to play jazz, it enables us to rock that much harder. Let’s go there, but in a good way.
The ASTA website says: “Student and teachers alike will learn tunes from all three featured genres of music, assemble arrangements of them, and perform a full concert of them.  This is a great way for teachers to learn how to incorporate these styles of music into their orchestra and private lesson curriculum; they will “learn by doing” and then be able to take that knowledge back to their students.  For students, they will be able to learn these styles of music and meet fellow string players from across the country, as well as attend the Exhibit Hall.”
There are lot’s of sessions too. I’ll be giving a couple workshops, and roving through the bar at night looking for anyone that wants to actually jam. Usually the only people ready to jam at these things are the 16 year old kids. Bring it younguns…





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