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Play-Along Zoom Mini-Workshop

Improvise with Confidence & overcome the fear of playing "wrong" notes

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THURSDAY October 19  12 pm EST          

SATURDAY October 21, 7:30 pm 

  • What you’ll gain:
⚫ THREE approaches to improvisation that can work for you immediately.  I’ll share the exact exercises that have helped my students get past playing prescribed parts to making music in varied and creative ways. You’ll PLAY, improvising, muted, throughout the class.

⚫ Discover the difference between “learning harmony” and “doing improvisation”. By separating the two, we will end frustration and overwhelm, redesigning your practice routine for efficiency, enjoyment, and progress. 

Groove cheat codes. Harmony Cheat Codes. Improvisation Cheat Codes.  

Bonus: templates and step by step worksheets to take away so you can replicate the process with songs in almost any style.

****Traditional practice methods, while useful, can lead to feeling unmotivated and self-critical.

Many musicians tell me they hesitate to play publicly, or in front of family or students.
It doesn’t need to be that way. A healthy practice builds self-awareness and acceptance. The ideal outcome of any practice is to become a better friend to yourself.
This is why the guided exercises I provide you will be similar to Yoga in that they promote mindfulness and enjoyment.

Experience key parts of my method that have helped hundreds of my adult students go past their perceived musical limits, and enjoy a rigorous practice session in good company.

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  All attendees will receive bonus resources and be able to ask questions and observe mini 1-1 coachings during the Q&A following class. 


successful music creator christian howes


Gain skills that can be Universally applied across almost ANY style.


Play with clear prompts/guidance throughout the class.


No theory or experience with improvisation required.

Hear from my students


Save your spot

how to improvise without knowing a ton of licks or tunes.

  •  Tonal and non-tonal 
  • Grooves and vamps
  • Solo or in ensembles 

So you can

  • Play creatively with skills you currently have
  • Accept yourself with every note you play

Gain strategies to Practice more Effectively:

  • Save time by integrating harmony, improv, rhythm, & technique.

Internalize harmony on your instrument:

  • Follow and remember chord progressions to tunes
  • Create your own accompaniments or arrangements 
  • Make covers, acapellas, loops;  collaborate, and jam


  • Foster a Jamming culture
  • Promote lifelong learning
  • Support SEL and diversity

Professionals and Amateur Players

  • Get off the sidelines
  • Get gigs or opportunities
  •  s

Feedback from Players and teachers


Class Structure

  • 75-90 minutes: Play along, muted, with my prompts. You will go through several exercises with clear instructions and guidance. 
  • 45 minutess:  mini-1-1 coaching for the first 15 who sign up. Open to all to observe. Q and A open to all.
  • Take a sneak peek at the Pre-Party Guidebook


 I will teach you skills you can apply universally in any style of music. Harmony, improvisation, groove, arrangement, and accompaniment apply in all styles, and you are going to get the cheat codes:)

Yes. I teach group classes like YOGA classes in the sense that every participant is offered modified exercises to their level. Everyone will be sufficiently challenged and everyone will be able to participate.   

With Clear method and structure, it’s never too late to learn skills. Often the hobbyist players in my classes keep up with or outpace the professional experts, because they are open.

  • Understand music in new ways
  • Develop more efficient & effective practice strategies
  • Find More enjoyment in your practice with Less self-judgement, overwhelm, and procrastination or boredom.  If you’re passionate about music, I expect this to be transformative for you.

Join us.


THURSDAY 12 pm EST, October 19, 2023            

SATURDAY 7:30 pm EST, October 21, 2023