August 3, 2017

New Music Biz Mastermind

Beginning August 10, the Music Biz Mastermind group is moving to a new paid monthly format.  As an existing member of the group, you have first dibs and an exclusive opportunity to stay in the group at the discounted rate of $97 per month.

If I don’t hear from you by then, I’ll assume you wish to be removed from the group.

After August 10th the rate for new members to join will be set at $147-189 per month.

Click through the drop down menu below to choose your plan and join now, or read below for more info:

Music Biz Mastermind Alumni Discounted Payment Options

With the new paid format, even though it’s extremely affordable, I’m confident that we’ll have more accountability, and I’m changing the group to ensure that everyone in the group is taking action and getting results going forward.

We’ve spent some serious time and energy together!

Weve sweat, laughed, and cried together during some pretty intense courses… While I’m far from perfect, your feedback has expressed that you appreciate how seriously I take my commitment to serve you. More importantly, the mastermind group has never been about my input as much as it has been about the process and results that it can provide.

Here’s the thing –

The 30-day courses are really intense!

What if the group could find a middle ground, without the intense pressure, but with ongoing support that makes a difference whenever you need it?

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive ongoing feedback, support, and accountability, especially if cost wasn’t an issue?

Think about it..

We move forward when we have accountability.

I’ve noticed that many of you seem to be less engaged during off months.

If you could really make this group everything you want it to be, and cost wasn’t an issue, would that be something you’d want to take advantage of?

If so, then let me explain my vision for how this can work:

-The FB Group will remain as a platform to clarify goals, plan and execute actions, and receive accountability to move forward and get results.

– Group Calls will occur 2 times per month. Use these calls to get personalized 1-1 real time feedback on whatever questions are pressing for you.

-There will be feedback on all your posts/requests, with new content created as needed.

– Accountability partners/groups will be strongly encouraged and time-lined assignments will be provided to give you additional clarity and structure.

– I’ll be posting/curating/creating content on a regular basis, in accordance with the needs of group members

– I”ll take on a limited number of private coaching clients, ideally for a minimum of three months. You will have first dibs at any of these spots.

Here’s the other thing…

I want this community to be co-created. You’ll be able to co-moderate the group, create polls, and make suggestions re the operation and features.

You’ll be locked into a special monthly rate, forever.

The target rate for entry to the FB group for new members is $189 per month.

For YOU, any current members of the group who decide to stay, , if you know right now that this is for you (MBM alumni only)I’m setting it at $97 per month.


You can cancel anytime. I’ll even guarantee the first month. If you’re not satisfied in 30 daysas long as you show up , simply let me know within 30 days from today and I’ll refund you.

How does that sound?

1) Free to say “Heck Yes”, in which case, great- simply click the button at the bottom of this email and choose your option from the drop down menu.

2) Feel free to make Suggestions or ask questions- What would make this a win for you?

More Ideas/content? More Support? More Accountability? Different Structure? Other?

Text me at 614-332-8689 and i’ll be happy to jump on the phone to talk over anything you want.

I’m really excited about this as a way to serve you powerfully going forward.

Click through the drop down menu below to choose your plan and join now:

Music Biz Mastermind Alumni Discounted Payment Options