ready to go past playing prescribed parts?

April 3, 2013

How To Use This Program

Whether you’re an intermediate or advanced player or teacher of Fiddle/Violin/Viola/Cello/Mandolin (et al),  the resources here are designed to help you grow both your musical skills and enjoyment.

These can be accessed via the sidebar on the Member Home Page. My team and I are committed to further developing these in response to your feedback.

To start, I recommend the following: 

  • 1) The “Tonal Improv” module will teach you to use a chord-tone-based approach to tonal improvisation. You will learn to improvise, arrange, and play bass lines, accompaniment parts, and more in many styles of music over basic chord progressions. Follow the instructions in this self-contained module. Record yourself doing the exercises and email me links to your video (or share in the private FB group for members only).
  • 2) The “Free Improv” series is designed to help conquer fears surrounding creativity and give you a method to create. Watch each video, then record yourself (video or audio) demonstrating the material taught in the video. Email me a link to your videos.   Modules 1 and 2 are ultimately connected like Yin and Yang, i.e. via the Learning process and the Creating process.
  • 3) NEW– you can now access our replays of the Creative Strings Workshop Online.  These guided practice sessions include scale-based, tune-based, free-improv-based approaches, masterclasses, and more. We will have this in the coming days. Members of the course paid upwards of $399 to access these classes in real time over 7 weeks. I have conducted hundreds of these classes and am so excited to begin sharing them with you! As we get your feedback we will continue to edit them and add supplemental materials to help you get the most from them. For an in-depth understanding of the methodology behind these 7 weeks, see this article.
  • 4) NEW- To get more support, and more specific guidance, join our private FB group “Creative Strings Workshop Online”.  To join, search “Creative Strings Workshop Online” under “Groups” inside FB, then Request to Join. Inside the group you can have your own Personal Thread to get feedback from me, my team, and other members. You will also be able to view the curriculum inside in a different format.


  • If you need help finding something or if you are looking for NEW content, email Josue at info@creativestrings.org (and copy me chris@christianhowes.com)

For Technical Support (logins, registration): Contact support@christianhowes.com (and copy me)

Contact me at chris@christianhowes.com


Our PUBLIC Group is also a place to find community here:  Creative String players Facebook Group

-To set up private lessons with me via Zoom, feel free to contact me. Your Academy membership includes one free private lesson. I offer regular private lessons in limited quantity, but I will, from time to time, offer office hours and other forms of support.

Classroom Teachers: Contact me about licensing curriculum for your students or to schedule a visit to your school.