April 3, 2013

How To Use This Program

Whether you’re an intermediate or advanced player, teacher, or classroom student, there are many resources available here to help you grow, and I am committed to continue developing these in response to your ongoing feedback and requests.

Feel free to contact me ANYTIME with questions or requests via:

My mobile phone: 614-332-8689

Email: [email protected]

Skype: christianhowes21

Creative String players Facebook Group.

Throughout this site you’ll find many instructional videos, worksheets, and backing tracks, all of which can be accessed via the Member Home Page.


For beginning improvisers and classroom projects, I recommend starting with the two “essential curriculum” modules. 


  • A) The “Improvising With Pachelbel” module will teach you to use a chord-tone-based approach to tonal improvisation using “Chord Stacks”. Follow the instructions in this self-contained module.


  • B) The “Free Improv” series is a series of 5 videos. Watch each video, then record yourself (video or audio) demonstrating the material taught in the video. Remember that you can always post your videos as a video response on my YouTube channel or email me a link to your “unlisted” Youtube videos if you wish to keep them private.


  • C) Additional Resources: There are many other modules on this site, and I encourage you to browse them according to your interest, always feeling free to request further info from me if and when you have questions.  Some of the videos have accompanying resources such as mp3’s, pdf worksheets, transcriptions, and more. If you would like to have a worksheet or transcription to accompany a specific video, please let me know. The Violin Harmony Handbook contains much of my core curriculum on many of the “harmony” videos as well as other key info. Feel free to download this, and all the other downloadable resources from the bottom right sidebar.



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-To set up private lessons with me via Skype, feel free to contact me to schedule.

– Classroom teachers: We can set-up a combination of activities to get your students involved. Feel free to contact me with any questions, or to schedule a visit to your school.

The Creative Strings Workshop is my week-long intensive summer conference held every summer in Columbus, Ohio.Click here to learn more.