Want straightforward ways to market and sell yourself as a musician?


About the Workshop


My live workshops are limited to small groups of working musicians who are ready to take consistent action to create new income streams, expand current income streams, and/or gain control of their business in general. We take a hard look at your business, your goals, and things you can implement now to get results.




-Develop clear processes and skills for filling your calendar with paid work as a musician


– Become more comfortable promoting your services and/or products


-Clarify your top 1-3 sources of revenue, and work with a strategy that will steadily increase your income.


– Develop a routine that will enable you to do more of the music you like, make a bigger impact as an artist, and enjoy more time for life.


-Network and spark relationships with proactive musicians working in your city.



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Reach out to me at chris@christianhowes.com to schedule a workshop in your town! To learn about upcoming workshops or participate in my one-month intensive online course, click through on the right sidebar of this page.

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Workshop Content:

– Core content will outline clear steps for you to identify and clarify your goals, eliminate your road blocks, improve or create your collateral marketing assets, and create a specific action plan. It will also drill deep into detailed strategies, tactics, and resources available to further help you create results.


– Mastermind format providing peer support and networking with proactive working musicians in your area.


– Group discussion, support, and masterclass-style formats allowing us to dive into your specific goals, what’s working, whats not working, and provide clear take aways to help you move forward.


– Access to full PDF, audio, and video trainings following the live workshop


So many musicians are working hard all the time with few results, because they’re drowning in overwhelm, with no clear process and a lack of basic skills.


Business comes down to knowledge, skills, and practice. You worked hard to learn music. You can learn to run your business. Let’s do this!



“There is literally no one I know who has studied the business of music more thoroughly than Christian. He is not only a master musician; he is one of the most knowledgeable people you’ll ever meet in learning how to make a living as a performer.”

Joel Harrison, Guggenheim Recipient, Composer, Guitarist (NYC)




“Things have been going really well and I continually think about how the Music Biz course instigated all my motivation for success this year! I’ve continued to follow the outline and plan developed in the class for my Inspiring Stewardship workshops. Because of this, I have presented Inspiring Stewardship workshops and performances to 1000 elementary and middle school students.”

– Stephen Wood, Composer and Clinician (Atlanta, GA)


“Truth, right here. After moving out of state and living in Frisco for a little over a month, we now teach 5 days a week, perform with 4 different groups (with very cool and talented musicians), and it keeps getting better. Chris got us here by helping us design a new plan and go through with it, and he kept it real 100% of the time. People who are that honest and give that much are hard to come by. If you want to up your music game in any way, get in touch. It’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.”

Neil Fong Gilfillan and Rachel Samson, Chili Dog Strings Teaching Studio (Frisco, TX)


About Christian Howes

Christian Howes is a classically trained jazz violinist, producer, composer, 7167032613_ec15940b23_k-smalleducator, and music business entrepreneur. Since 2011 he was voted #1 in the Downbeat Critics Poll (“Rising Stars/Violin”), named among the top three jazz violinists in the JazzTimes critics poll, and nominated for Violinist of the Year by the Jazz Journalist Association. He’s received several prestigious grant awards and was invited by the U.S. State department for tours to Ukraine and Montenegro.  His 2013 album, “Southern Exposure” led to a six-night run at Lincoln Center , and his 14th album, “American Spirit” was named by the Huffington Post among the “Best Jazz Albums of 2015”.  Howes is the founder of “Creative Strings“, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to expand music education via online curriculum, an annual summer conference, and dozens of school visits annually.