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November 21, 2012

Southern Exposure

Christian Howes’ 13th studio album and his 3rd with Resonance Records, “Southern Exposure,” featuring world-famous accordionist Richard Galliano, ventures into the Latin music realm and showcases idiomatic styles from Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, and Spain. Combining the talents of one of the top jazz violinists in the world with “the heir apparent to Astor Piazzola,” Howes’ newest album is full of energy, emotion, and fervor. “Richard’s musicianship in the studio compelled me to rise to a higher level of emotion,” Howes said of Galliano and his playing. “His playing is full of maturity and virtuosity.”

Track listing:

1) Ta Boa, Santa? (Are You OK, My Dear?)

2) Aparecida

3) Oblivion

4) Cubano Chant

5) Sanfona

6) Canción de Amor (Love Song)

7) Heavy Tango

8) Choro das Águas (The Water’s Cry)

9) Tango Doblado (Bent Tango)

10) Spleen

11) Gracias For Ilustramos (Thank You For Teaching Us)