Janet Orenstein Creative Strings Podcast Ep.29

Identity, Injury, and Rewriting a Musician’s story with Janet Orenstein: Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 29

In episode 29 of the Creative Strings Podcast, I interview Julliard-trained concert violinist Janet Orenstein, who was suddenly faced with an injury in 1996 that would forever limit her ability to use her hands to play the violin. Her story is simultaneously fascinating, heartbreaking, thought-provoking, and uplifting.

bryan wilson cellist

Bryan Wilson – Cellist, Composer, Subway Performer – Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 22

Bryan Wilson is a cellist, composer, educator and author of the book Cello Chords. He writes and produces his own music, and just released his solo debut “Oso Perezoso.” He also has played in the post-rock band You Bred Raptors? since 2011. Scroll down to listen in on Creative Strings Podcast Episode 22

Scott Laird – Teaching Functional Musicianship in Orchestra – Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 21

Scott Laird is the Fine Arts Coordinator at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. I’ve admired his ability to navigate the worlds of classical, modern, and participatory musical styles- as a player, conductor, and teacher. We sat down to talk about bringing these worlds together through the lens of a string teacher.