Save time practicing. Express your own musical creativity. Tackle harmony with confidence. Groove.

Whether you’re a student or seasoned pro, the Creative Strings Workshop could change the way you look at practice, music, and/or teaching.

People travel far and wide to attend my workshops around the world, but this summer it can be available to you at home!

Check out the video below for a sneak peak!

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Scalar Improvisation Approach
Intro and warm-up

Ways to Practice
Rhythm and Phrasing (Play-along to Señorita)
Rhythmic bowing
Call and response
Melodic rhythm
Advanced eighth note exercise
Structuring the Creative Process
Example Free Improvisation
Easy Tonal Improv
Introduction to Chord Stacks

You’ll get to attend weekly Zoom classes like the one above PLUS:

  • Individualized, timely support via private online forum from me and our world-class mentors
  • Access to premium content (the same content available at my live camps and in my online Creative Strings Academy)
  • Two private lessons

when you sign up for Premium Individual Access to our Creative Strings Workshop Online below.

Players Premium Access - Creative Strings Workshop Online
Players Premium Access - Creative Strings Workshop Online
The full packages: includes access to the private forum, all units, two private lessons, and live stream (Zoom) series and replays.
Price: $899.00

You can also get JUST the Zoom classes for:

Players Livestream Only Access - Creative Strings Workshop Online
Players Livestream Only Access - Creative Strings Workshop Online
Access to all live-streams (Zoom) and live-stream replays for the duration of the course.

Live classes will take place Thursdays at 1 pm EST and Saturdays at 7:30 pm EST. This schedule was chosen to accommodate people in different time zones. Attendance at both sessions each week is NOT required to get a complete experience (although welcome).

Price: $399.00

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