ready to go past playing prescribed parts?

Save time practicing. Express your own musical creativity. Tackle harmony with confidence. Groove.

Whether you’re a student or seasoned pro, the Creative Strings Workshop could change the way you look at practice, music, and/or teaching.

People travel far and wide to attend my workshops around the world, but this summer it can be available to you at home!

Check out the video below for a sneak peak!

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Scalar Improvisation Approach
Intro and warm-up

Ways to Practice
Rhythm and Phrasing (Play-along to Señorita)
Rhythmic bowing
Call and response
Melodic rhythm
Advanced eighth note exercise
Structuring the Creative Process
Example Free Improvisation
Easy Tonal Improv
Introduction to Chord Stacks
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You’ll get to attend weekly Zoom classes like the one above PLUS:

  • Individualized, timely support via private online forum from me and our world-class mentors
  • Access to premium content (the same content available at my live camps and in my online Creative Strings Academy)
  • Two private lessons

when you sign up for Premium Individual Access to our Creative Strings Workshop Online below.

Players Premium Access - Creative Strings Workshop Online
Players Premium Access - Creative Strings Workshop Online
The full packages: includes access to the private forum, all units, two private lessons, and live stream (Zoom) series and replays.
Price: $899.00

You can also get JUST the Zoom classes for:

Players Livestream Only Access - Creative Strings Workshop Online
Players Livestream Only Access - Creative Strings Workshop Online
Access to all live-streams (Zoom) and live-stream replays for the duration of the course.

Live classes will take place Thursdays at 1 pm EST and Saturdays at 7:30 pm EST. This schedule was chosen to accommodate people in different time zones. Attendance at both sessions each week is NOT required to get a complete experience (although welcome).

Price: $399.00

Want to learn more first? See our other enrollment levels?
Check out the full page at here , drop me an email at chris@christianhowes.com or schedule a call to talk