How to Use Loop Pedals to Practice, Perform, or Teach

I received a question today from a Creative Strings Academy member about “how to use looping and loop pedals” to practice and develop as a musician. Here is his question and my answer below:

How To Become A Better Musician: The #1 Thing You Can Do

When we play there are two things happening: 1) What we think we sound like 2) What we actually sound like. To become better at hearing what we actually sound like while we are playing, this strategy really works, and that’s why I think it;s the single most important thing you can to to become a better musician.

Getting your SOUND

 What do you know about getting a sound out of your instrument? If you’re a classically trained string player like I was, then you know how to make a beautiful acoustic sound come out of your violin or cello. It’s about your left hand, right hand, posture, etc…  You probably don’t have a clue about Read more about Getting your SOUND[…]