Biz for Independent Musicians – Working Relationships: A Strategy for Success


Question: Could you summarize the advantages of having sponsorships? In terms of advancing your career, what is the most useful aspect? How have
sponsorships aided you?

Answer: One advantage of having sponsorship is that by developing a
relationship with a company, you can expand your network exponentially
by gaining access to the company’s network. Any major company in the
music industry (whether a manufacturer, publisher, label, etc…) will
normally have established relationships with other artists and other
non-competitive companies. This allows you to connect with these
contacts who in turn can help you with your goals as an

Other promotional benefits from sponsorships include PR through
advertisements (whether in print ads or flyers, emails blasts, etc..),
subsidies for your appearances as a clinician, performer, teacher, or
speaker, and support for attendance at trade shows and other VIP
industry events.

Another important advantage is that your name, i.e., your brand, gains
greater credibility through your association with an established

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