June 8, 2020

Playing Pop with Soul on Violin, Viola, & Cello

Playing Pop music on strings is fun, right? To do it well, there’s so much more to it than meets the eye;

That’s why I made this free five-part series for you using the song “Girls Like You” by Maroon 5 featuring Cardi B.

You can Play Along with these videos! And below are some courses (for players and teachers!) that will help you learn more about improvisation, harmony, rhythm, and how to make your own covers..

I’ll give you a little context on each video here so you know what to expect.

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Part One of the series jumps right into Play Along mode!.  This does get a bit advanced eventually, so if you feel it;s going too fast, move onto part 2.

Part two focuses on Strumming Rhythms with the Bow, using the catchy Rhythm Guitar Riff

Have you ever wondered how you can approach your bow technique to capture the feeling of the vocalist on the song? Watch this video to focus on playing aspects of the melody and stay in the groove while maintaining the lyrical feeling.

In part 4 you’ll bring the bowing rhythm work from part two into a more lyrical approach:

The final video in the series brings all the elements of the song together, including faster tempo, breaking down the chords and bass line, and more. For more on how to easily create your own covers, loops, and improvise in pop music, look for the course Easy Tonal Improvisation below.

If you’re ready to go beyond classical music to express yourself through improvisation, harmony, groove, and more, consider some of these opportunities to learn more:

Easy Tonal Improvisation- This course will change how you view harmony; You’ll learn how to make your own covers of any song, including how to arrange ALL the parts of the song and improvise your own melodies and much more.

Harmony Fundamentals Master Series– This is the “Next Step” beyond Easy Tonal Improvisation; I’ll teach you how to reach for the most complex harmonic applications on bowed strings.

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