February 25, 2013

Creative Strings Workshop 2018 Registration


Attend one of our Creative Strings Workshop events around the world in 2018 as follows:

Jan. 27-28 Lausanne, Switzerland

Jan. 30-31 London, England

Feb. 24th Point Richmond, CA

March 3 Boulder, CO

March 15 Brooklyn, NY

May 19-21 Toronto, Canada

June 1-3 Dallas, TX

July 1-7 Columbus, OH

July 8 -15 Asheville, NC

September- Munich, Germany (TBA)

September- Madrid, Spain (TBA)

Register now below or on the right sidebar of this page to save your spot and claim an early enrollment discount.

Have questions? Email chris@christianhowes.com or click the link to schedule a call on the right sidebar of this page.


Register below for the Columbus Adult Program (ages 14-114) or Youth Program (ages 10-14).

The Asheville Extension Week is open to a maximum of 12 participants. (See bottom of this page.)

Adult Program (Columbus):

Enroll by February 15th to receive a $100 discount:

  1. Make a $200 deposit by Feb. 15th (we’ll apply your discount later)
  2. Use the promo code EarlyBird at checkout if you’d prefer to pay in full

Youth Program (Columbus)

Asheville Extension Week

Toronto, Canada

Dallas, TX