February 25, 2013

Creative Strings Workshop 2018 Registration


Attend one of our Creative Strings Workshop events around the world in 2018 as follows:

Jan. 27-28 Lausanne, Switzerland

Jan. 30-31 London, England

Feb. 24th Point Richmond, CA

March 3 Boulder, CO

March 15 Brooklyn, NY

May 19-21 Toronto, Canada

June 1-3 Dallas, TX

July 1-7 Columbus, OH

July 8 -15 Asheville, NC

September- Munich, Germany (TBA)

September- Madrid, Spain (TBA)

Register now below or on the right sidebar of this page to save your spot and claim an early enrollment discount.

Have questions? Email [email protected] or click the link to schedule a call on the right sidebar of this page.


Register below for the Columbus Adult Program (ages 14-114) or Youth Program (ages 10-14).

The Asheville Extension Week is open to a maximum of 12 participants. (See bottom of this page.)

Adult Program (Columbus):

Youth Program (Columbus)

Asheville Extension Week

Dallas, TX