ready to go past playing prescribed parts?

November 18, 2013

School Outreach FAQ

How can I have Christian Howes work in my school?

You should contact Tiffany Goodman via phone or email. 773.283.2830 // tiffany@goodmanartists.com


What’s the process of bringing Christian into my school?

First, you should contact Tiffany Goodman (contact info above). From there we’ll work with you to find the best time to have Christian work with your students. Once a tentative date is set, you’ll work directly with Christian to discuss your goals for your class, and how he can work to achieve those goals. You can see some of Christian’s clinics here, but note that we can customize clinics and residencies towards your students’ needs.

Once dates and curriculum are decided, we’ll supply you with a free membership to Christian’s Creative Strings Academy so you and your students can begin learning the basics of jazz and improvisation ahead of Christian’s visit. This way, when he finally arrives to your school, your class will know some of the basic principles already, which means that everyone can make the most of Christian’s time working with your students.

After Christian’s visit, know that you still have the support of him and his team, and can contact anyone at any time to follow-up with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the curriculum.


What are the costs involved?

As each school visit and residency is customized around your schedule and goals, costs will vary per visit. To get a quote, contact Tiffany Goodman – 773.283.2830 // tiffany@goodmanartists.com


My budget is very limited for the school year. What are some options to help subsidize the cost?

We understand that budgets for music programs are unfortunately shrinking across the nation, and we want to help accommodate that. Here are a few options to help save you some money:

  • Sponsors: Yamaha and D’Addario are both generous sponsors of Christian’s work in schools. Through grants from these great sponsors, you may be able to save on any fees. When contacting Tiffany Goodman, bring this up to be considered.
  • Technology Grants: Many districts allocate funds for technological learning initiatives. Christian’s “Creative Strings Academy,” is an online, distance learning program, and you may be eligible for funding!
  • Fundraising: Presenting a public concert event is an excellent way to fundraise while giving the students an opportunity to both demonstrate what they learned and perform with a world-class artist. We encourage you to charge an admission fee to raise funds for your program.
  • Partner with nearby schools: Teaming up with other schools in your area for clinics or performances (either separate or combined) can cut your expenses dramatically while allowing other students in your district to benefit from Christian’s outreach.
  • Invite nearby schools to participate: Invite other schools to bus their students into your hall to have combined clinics and/or performance. Students from other schools can also rehearse separately and play the final concert.
  • Routing: If Christian is already coming to your area, having him come into your school around that time will save on many travel-related costs. To see Christian’s upcoming tour schedule, head to his Events page.