Matt Glaser on Music Education, Improvisation, and Mindfulness/ Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 3

– The diversity of creative string players in the newest generation, and how we arrived here
– How classical string/music teachers can adapt to a changing musical world

“Inevitably the classical world has had to come to grips (with) this tsunami of young players playing fiddle tunes”

– “Micro-improvisation” and using skeletal melodies to develop comfort with improvisation…
– The “present moment” in performance..

With Lions – Equipo Album

Last year our team recorded strings for the album “Equipo” for the band “With Lions”. In June, With Lions called again asking for string players to play a live performance at Le Poisson Rouge in New York. The performance was professionally video and audio recorded. Below is a video of the title track of the Read more about With Lions – Equipo Album[…]

Be a Big Fish! Make a Living Doing Music

I hear American musicians complain often of the lack of opportunity to make a living doing music. If you are an American musician, consider that the world is a big place with a lot of opportunity if you know how to look for it. You can be a huge fish in many parts of the world if you’re willing to do some research and take the plunge. Besides, can you imagine the kinds of experiences and things you’ll see and do..?! Especially if you’re young, .

Jazz & Art – Elementary School Educational Outreach

CityMusic Columbus provided a unique morning of entertainment by sponsoring two well-known local jazz musicians and an artist at East Columbus Elementary School in Columbus. Fifth-graders were thrilled to combine visual art and music, drawing their inspiration, literally, through music. Jazz violinist Christian Howes, recently nominated Violinist of the Year by the Jazz Journalists Association, Read more about Jazz & Art – Elementary School Educational Outreach[…]

JJA Nomination for (jazz) Violinist of the Year!

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been nominated for violinist of the year by the Jazz Journalists Association! It is an honor to be selected alongside Jenny Scheinman, Mark Feldman, Regina Carter, and the late Billy Bang.  Billy, a free-jazz legend, died April 11.  You can find my post, a tribute to Billy, here. In Read more about JJA Nomination for (jazz) Violinist of the Year![…]