Calming your Inner Critic (for Musicians)

Musicians, teachers, and just about everyone is frustrated by the things we can NOT do during COVID. Here’s what we CAN do: Get strong. Heal. Enjoy life. Be more present. Get clarity. Connect more deeply. Become a better friend to yourself. Reconcile inner conflict. Improve your capacity to do anything in life. I know. It’s Read more about Calming your Inner Critic (for Musicians)[…]

Crossing a River of Suck

You have to suck at something before you can be good at it. It's at once obvious and confounding.  This interview from the River of Suck podcast between Andy Reiner and Cedric Easton, recorded live from the Creative Strings Workshop in Columbus, perfectly wraps up the focus of the past season for me. Read on Read more about Crossing a River of Suck[…]