May 12, 2020

Are you a string player or teacher looking to…

  • Master creative musical skills during quarantine?
  • Teach your students effectively online?

After hosting hundreds of live workshops, I know that going virtual presents opportunities to do things we could never do before. For example… 

  • Providing curriculum & master classes tailored to your needs over several weeks
  • Personally guiding you through the completion of your (or your students’) independent creative projects

Whether you’re a student, amateur, pro player or teacher.


 | Creative Strings Workshop Online | 

7-Week Personalized Bootcamp for String Players & Teachers. 

  • Weekly Group Classes (2 hours each)
  • The most extensive course curriculum on creative string playing anywhere
  • Supporting you in recording your compositions, arrangements, & improvised performances.
  • Private lessons, exclusive community,  & much more…

When:  May 23rd- July 8th. 

**** Enroll today to receive a bonus master class tonight (Saturday, May 16th) + bonus week!!

What to Expect..

The moment you join, you’ll… 

#1 Schedule your first private lesson to clarify your goals and choose your first project(s). 

#2 Receive a workbook to track progress & stay accountable.

#3 Join our private Facebook group to begin a dialogue with me & the mentors on your progress, and access premium courses

#4 Get access to weekly Group Classes (replays available)

*Week one will help you clarify your starting projects and course paths*

Throughout the term you’ll be able to attend group classes, access all courses, and complete your projects with anytime feedback. At the end, you’ll receive a second private lesson. 

Your choice of many projects include audio/video recordings of you (or your students), with support from me & step by step instructional resources. 

  • Get satisfaction, development of skills, and something to share forever.
  • Student projects enable assessment in ways not possible in group classrooms 
  • Small and Big projects span styles, ensemble size, written/playing, improvisation, arranging, composition, and more..

Teachers | Give your students something awesome to do from home

 Share course materials directly with students in school-approved formats.  They can work independently, whether solo or in small teams. These courses would normally cost thousands for your district to provide all your students.

Players | Develop Your Creative Portfolio 

Complete projects reflecting what you’re capable of so bandleaders and venues hire you first. Use your finished works to market your brand and get more of the gigs you want. Invest in developing your creative voice so you and  others can celebrate it.

Once you’ve chosen your beginning project(s), start working through courses, organized  for easy access. 

For each step you take, you’ll post your work and get feedback from me and the mentors in your own personal thread.

Maintain dialogue with me & the mentors as you progress

Post work samples in your own thread:

YOU: Post work or questions 

ME (and my hand-picked mentors): Give you feedback, pointing you to course materials as needed. 

Create what you want, when you want,

at your own pace. 

After all, you’ll have seven weeks.

This member generated over 60 comments in her thread

within the first 2 weeks:

Interactive Group Classes

Attend fast-paced, content-packed two-hour classes every Saturday at 7:30 pm U. S. Eastern Time. Replays available. 

  • Scheduled in advance by topics 
  • Curriculum taught live so you actually get it done- because you set it in your calendar and show up.
  • Opportunities to receive masterclass-style coaching (you perform in front of the group).

Foundational Courses


  • Master composing, arranging, and improvising over foundational chord progressions
  • Create your own bass lines, accompaniment, countermelodies, melodies, and improvised solos over basic chord progressions in a variety of styles. 


  • 10 video lessons with me and young student
  • 3 video lessons with me
  • 3 live Play Along style masterclass videos totaling 90 minutes. 
  • Written workbook (for Violin, Viola, and Cello) so you can use pen & paper away from the instrument
  • Backing tracks
  • Pdf references 

2. FREE IMPROVISATION AKA “100 Ways to Improvise”

Twelve modules including video, articles, and a spreadsheet to jumpstart free improvisations and compositions on day one. Many members are currently recording 5-25 improvisations Every Day using this course right now.

3. PLAY ALONG LESSONS- (Over 100 available!)

Record performances to your choice of lessons, or improvise to related backing tracks in various styles. Perfect “mini projects”.

Courses for diverse stylistic interests and applications

Go beyond Easy Tonal Improvisation, to improvise or arrange at first sight in:

  • Solo, duo, trio, quartet
  • Classical, latin, jazz, pop, folk, R&B, and other styles
  • Bass, inner voices, melody, and rhythm 
  • More complex harmonic applications

“The only course I know that teaches you to accompany yourself with bowed string instruments, applied beyond classical music with elements for the complete understanding of musical activity (harmony, rhythm, melody, etc.)”

 Advanced Jazz Harmony Courses with the top secrets related to:

  • Bebop ScalesSo you can play fast lines over standards in the bebop tradition and sound like a Jazz player
  • Melodic Minor– Great for Gypsy Jazz or sounding ultra-modern
  • PentatonicFor fiddle styles, R&B, world music… How to blend pentatonic scales to make your lines sound interesting.

More courses..   

BOSSA & SAMBA – Perform beautiful melodies in a gentle, accessible style, but with a strong basis in rhythmic clave. 

BLUES- Internalize the rhythms, scales, forms, including a few key secrets that no one else will teach you.

ROCK – Master the anatomy of rock licks and style.

FIDDLE STYLES- accompany, solo, and chop if you want.

MODAL IMPROVISATION for rock, blues, fiddle styles, jazz and more..

INTEGRATING IMPROVISATION for harmony, and rhythm into your technical warmups…

RHYTHMIC INTERNALIZATION– Develop your sense of groove in styles beyond classical

Get the picture?  You’ll have access to the most extensive course curriculum in the world of creative string playing.

It’s the same curriculum I’ve developed over 15 years in Creative Strings Academy, with the difference that this is a guided bootcamp, so you actually get it done. 


It includes the curriculum which was adapted and used in the proficiency requirements for students at Berklee College of Music. Except a semester at Berklee costs a whole lot more than what you’re going to pay.

Diverse Perspectives from world-class coaches

I have strong opinions, but I want you to get second and third opinions too.  That’s why I’ve asked…


Canadian classical & rock double-threat


Extreme virtuoso with an extremely big heart!


Skiing Fiddler, philosopher, tune-writer, & inventor of fiddle style fusions


Freestyle eclectic singer-songwriting fiddler poet savante


Open-minded Juilliard-trained cellist destined to save the world by age 35


British-Australian bi-continental scholar, dad, and swinging fiddler extraordinaire


Changing Suzuki students lives one turntable-meets-cello beat at a time

I could easily devote a page to each of these amazing teachers, but there’s a lot to cover, for example…

 Your Creative Projects

Recording yourself is the single best way I know of for any musician to improve.

You or your students can make mini-projects, such as recording yourself playing to a short backing track.

You can make medium to bigger projects like these below.

The above are examples of the types and scopes of projects to develop what you want to express as an artist.

 How to Teach & Market Online

Teachers- You’ll see how I efficiently automate, batch process, provide personalization, content, and accountability online, as someone who has done it for 15 years. I’ll actively teach these strategies, so you’ll be able to gain confidence teaching online.

Players-  I’ll teach you many of the ins and outs of how I developed my brand and built my audience, whether you want to acquire more gigs from bandleaders, tour, teach, or grow your fan base…  

“The Book “

 You’ll get long form lesson articles dripped out in emails, so you retain and stay inspired. One member said it was good for reading in bed!  If you’re familiar with my list emails, these emails take it to another level.

Who it’s For

I believe you’re a perfect fit if you’re a violinist, violist or cellist who wants to… 

  • Get a clear method and sequence to apply harmony, groove, and improvisation fluently and comfortably
  • Play music beyond classical
  • Give your students a clear path to develop related skills 
  • Keep students’ interest by offering something new
  • Learn to apply music theory in a grounded way and strengthen your ability to hear melodies and harmonies.

 …even if you don’t consider yourself  a “creative type.”


Review- Everything You Get:

  • Anytime support via private online forum 
  • Access to All Premium Courses
  • Teachers can facilitate independent projects for your students, sharing course materials provided in school-friendly formats
  • Choose from a range of projects, to gain confidence and find your fullest expression
  • Weekly Interactive Group Calls to connect with community and make sure you get it done
  • Two private lessons 
  • Receive feedback from me and other world class teachers with diverse perspectives

Compare to other online programs.

Most online programs offer some Zoom master classes… You know the ones… Decide for yourself if the following is true:

-They don’t offer this level of cutting edge curriculum.

-They don’t offer real time personalized feedback.

-They don’t offer the challenge and value of personalized projects.

-They don’t offer it for 7 weeks, for even close to this price.

What’s this Worth?

This can best be compared to a semester at a conservatory. Let’s break down the cost per semester:

The most affordable programs charge a few thousand dollars

Higher end schools cost tens of thousands, without the level of flexibility and access to curriculum we are offering.

My Guarantee:

Show up, schedule a lesson, post within  7 days. If you’re not satisfied, I’ll refund you and keep just $50 for the first private lesson. 

Official start is May 23rd, but if you Enroll NOW, join us tonight, Saturday, May 16th for a BONUS live class AND jump into the course to enjoy an additional 8th week.

I recommend you choose your option below, sign up,  and get started now.

Players and Teachers taking this course for your own learning:

Players Premium Access - Creative Strings Workshop Online
Players Premium Access - Creative Strings Workshop Online
Go through the course yourself including access to the private forum, the courses, two private lessons, and live stream series.
Price: $699.00

Players Course Only Access - Creative Strings Workshop Online
Players Course Only Access - Creative Strings Workshop Online
Includes access to all courses and 1 private lesson. (No live stream access.)
Price: $499.00

Players Minimum Access - Creative Strings Workshop Online
Players Minimum Access - Creative Strings Workshop Online
Access to the 7 Live Streams
Price: $299.00

Teachers taking this course to share directly with your students:

Teachers Access + 30 Students - Creative Strings Workshop Online
Teachers Access + 30 Students - Creative Strings Workshop Online
Receive all course materials, live streams, lessons & share course materials with up to 30 students
Price: $995.00

Teacher Access + 60 Students | Creative Strings Online
Teacher Access + 60 Students | Creative Strings Online
Access to all materials, courses and live streams & share course materials with up to 60 students.
Price: $1,195.00

Teachers Access + 100 Students | Creative Strings Workshop Online
Teachers Access + 100 Students | Creative Strings Workshop Online
Access to all course materials, live streams, and lessons & share with up to 100 students.
Price: $1,395.00

-Teaching more than 100 students?

-Want to plan for next school year? 

-Have other questions?

email me at [email protected]