Matt Glaser on Music Education, Improvisation, and Mindfulness/ Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 3

– The diversity of creative string players in the newest generation, and how we arrived here
– How classical string/music teachers can adapt to a changing musical world

“Inevitably the classical world has had to come to grips (with) this tsunami of young players playing fiddle tunes”

– “Micro-improvisation” and using skeletal melodies to develop comfort with improvisation…
– The “present moment” in performance..

jazz violin practice

All That Jazz – Practice With a Purpose, Practice With a Friend

“Crepe making/Giant Steps party” was the theme this afternoon, as I look for sneaky ways to bribe my daughter Camille into practicing. Ten minutes making crepes followed by ten minutes trading solos over John Coltrane‘s “Giant Steps“, with each of us alternating between walking bass lines on fiddle and soloing. Rinse and repeat. As simple Read more about All That Jazz – Practice With a Purpose, Practice With a Friend[…]

Develop Your “Thing,” Whether or Not It’s “Jazz Violin”

Are classical musicians creative?  Any musical activity is creative, but we can all agree that there is a difference between performing a piece of music from the page on the one hand and improvising, arranging, or composing on the other. I love classical music, and yet, after 25 years of exploring improvisation and composition in Read more about Develop Your “Thing,” Whether or Not It’s “Jazz Violin”[…]