Jazz Violin Concerto Challenges Soloist and Orchestra, Blending Americana and Impressionism

The video embedded here showcases our recent performance under Douglas Droste’s direction with the Muncie Symphony Orchestra of the listenable yet classy, “Concerto for Jazz Violin” by Scott Routenberg- a beautiful, new work relevant to today’s symphonic audiences.

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“Thinking, Fast and Slow” and the Improvising Brain

“Thinking, Fast and Slow”, contains many insights that apply to teaching and understanding musical improvisation. Kahneman’s writing coincides with observations I have stressed for classical string players expanding their musicianship and pursuing jazz improvisation..

Why the Suzuki Method is Important and Irreplaceable

I’ve always been proud of being a Suzuki-trained violinist, having long defended Suzuki against criticisms (“Suzuki students don’t learn to read, develop bad technique, sound too imitative, etc..”), none of which ring true in my experience.

Yet, since veering away from my classical roots into jazz, I’ve also pointed out the limits of classical music training in general, and made recommendations for augmenting it.

arpeggios for jazz violin

Arpeggios for Jazz Violin, Cello, & Viola

Download the new Ebook FREE on Amazon until Dec 25th. “Arpeggios for jazz violin,cello, and viola” , shows how to internalize 7th chord arpeggios in all inversions, an important step in mastering the fundamentals of jazz harmony on bowed string instruments.

Japanese Jazz Violin Summit and Cultural Exchange

Christian’s visit to Japan in November 2012 made waves in both the jazz and string playing communities as he taught his curriculum for string players and performed several concerts across the country during 7 days. “It was an amazing cross cultural exchange,” says Chris, referring to the culmination of a decade of work since founding the annual week-long “Creative Strings Workshop” in Columbus, Ohio.”Because of the level of organization as well as the quality of collaborators, this recent visit made a huge impact in the community of music educators and string players in Japan.