Experience the JOY of making music...

Group Classes with Stephanie Flack and Christian Howes

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Expand your ability to play creatively with deeper self expression and confidence!

Address technical challenges that are holding you back from being your most creative self!

You'll be able to...

  • Improvise in Both “Free” and Tonal Contexts
  • Create Your Own Arrangements of Popular Tunes
  • Develop and Maintain a Healthy Daily Practice Routine
  • Play with Increased Physical Ease

Meet your Instructors...

Stephanie Flack

Suzuki Specialist

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Christian Howes

Inspirational Improvisor

Classically trained from age 5, I became hungry for new challenges in my teens.

That curiosity helped me develop the skills to go beyond classical, the freedom to be creatively self-expressed, and the insight to teach others.

While teaching as an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music, my work was adopted, and is still used, as required study for all string majors.  Since then I’ve taught classes at Juilliard, Eastman, Oberlin, Miami, and hundreds of other colleges, schools, and conferences, while refining this online platform and hosting intensive retreats worldwide.

I’m looking forward to [collaborating with Stephanie?  helping players explore improvisation? etc]

Practice Technique with a Purpose

Develop the technique necessary to play what YOU want to play.

Too often, technique is taught as a stand-alone virtue, or as if it’s a competition against others- that after x years of playing, you should be able to execute technique y and that makes you a level z musician.

But what good is technique if it’s not servicing your creative, musical goals?

In this class, we’ll connect the techniques that you want to learn with the music that you want to play.

Develop Together

Get the fun of a working in a group, but with a personalized touch

Do you thrive when working around others but also want to focus on your own goals?

Get the best of both worlds in our online group class.  

Each topic will be addressed through interactive exercises and musical conversations in a group setting.

Exercises will be accessible to multiple levels so that everyone can participate.

Once you sign up, you’ll be sent a beginning of camp survey to give input on what skills you’d like to see emphasized.

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Free Your Inner Creative

Learn to play and improvise with confidence in a variety of musical settings.




Is it Right for Me?

This class is for anyone who is:

  • looking to return to the joy of music making
  • interested in learning how to express themselves through improvisation
  • wants to refresh or improve their level of technical proficiency on the instrument

We Promise:

[What you’re absolutely sure that they’ll gain and/or like about your class]

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