Gain Musical Skills

If you’re a string player and you’ve ever wanted to…

Develop comfort or mastery in improvisation, composing, and/or arranging,

Internalize harmony on your instrument,

Become fluent in contemporary styles,

Understand how to use amplification and effects,

Get a wider variety of gigs,

Or (teachers) add age-appropriate sequences to your bag of tricks,

…then this FREE ecourse is especially for you!

It’s free, and you’ll get a ton of amazing content that, if you pay attention, will blow your mind and change the way you think about music and teaching.

The free email drip course will give you a taste of my extensive curriculum for string players looking to fill the gaps in their classical training. 

I’ve taught this to thousands of students- as an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music, online, at hundreds of k-12 schools and dozens of conservatories including Juilliard, USC, Eastman, Miami. The free course will drip to you in several emails over a couple months, and will include scores, video courses, PDF downloads, and curated articles, podcasts, and other resources.


Join a workshop; Try online training; Book an event at your school.

  1. Creative Strings Academy – My premium online course with over 250 instructional resources. (Take a free private lesson with me when you try it free for 30 days).

  2. Instructional books and videos, – Downloadable literature & courses.

  3.  Creative Strings Blog & YouTube Channel – Articles, podcasts, & videos.

  4. Creative Strings Workshop – Our one-of-a-kind conference held in locations worldwide. It’s the most interesting professional development experience in the world for string players. If you own a string instrument, you should come.

  5. Educational outreach – Clinics, residencies, & collaborative guest performances at your school.

Skill 1: Improvisation 

 Play in a band. Jam sessions. Worship services. Explore Jazz, Americana, Blues, Latin, Contemporary Classical, Pop, whatever…  Get real answers in training designed especially for string players and classically trained musicians.

Skill 2: Read Chord Charts

You can read music, but a chord chart? Where are the notes on this thing?  Functional musicians outside of classical music often read off of a lead sheet instead of having every note written out. I’ll take the mystery out of it for you.

Skill 3: Play Different Styles

Jazz, folk, funk, latin, fiddle, rock… You can play with an orchestra, but what about playing with a drummer? You can play a concerto, but what about an improvised solo? Be ready to conduct yourself with confidence in new musical situations, so the musicians in the band want to call you back.

Skill 3: Effective Practice

Many classical musicians think they can’t improvise or learn other practical skills common to functional musicians, but they just don’t know how or what to practice.  It’s as simple as that. As part of this course, I’m sending you a free scale book download and lots of other resources to help you change the  way you practice.

Skill 4: Use Amplification

Gear, electric instruments, effects. Most players tell me they get overwhelmed and confused when it comes to buying and using gear. With this course, I’ll give you free resources that break it down.

Skill 5:  Perspective. Lot’s of it. Whether you’re primarily a teacher or player…


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What Teachers & Students are Saying:

“The way you talked about music just really made sense to me in a way that it never has before.”

“Christian made me recognize what it was I loved about music, not because he is a professional, but because he shares that love for music that I do.”

“It was wonderful seeing so many people break their classical boundaries and simply play out the music of their hearts..”

“This was truly an eye-opening experience. Music means something different for our orchestra’s members now, and this is something we should cherish for the rest of our musical endeavors.”

Questions? Contact me, Christian Howes, at [email protected]

Creative Strings is a non-profit organization with a mission to support music education through outreach, summer conference, and online curriculum.