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If you’re a string player who wants to develop comfort in improvisation, contemporary styles, and related subjects,

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 Read Chord Charts

You can read music, but a chord chart?  Let me simplify it for you.

 Play Different Styles

 You can play with an orchestra, but what about with a drummer? You can play a concerto, but what about an improvised solo? Develop confidence in new musical situations, so the musicians in the band want to call you back.

 Effective Practice

Many classical musicians think they can’t improvise, but they just don’t know how or what to practice.  It’s as simple as that. 

 Amplification, gear, electric instruments, effects, looping…

 Most players tell me they get overwhelmed and confused when it comes to this stuff. Let me break it down.

Recording with a Loop Pedal by the 6th Lesson

Rachel and I learned so much practicing through the modules. I started with no cello improv skills beyond 2 pentatonic scales and by the 6th lesson I was recording videos for YouTube with a looper and trying his techniques in my own teaching.

Neil Gilfillan & Rachel Samson
Chili Dog Strings Suzuki Teaching Studio

Structured and well-sequenced curriculum

Christian Howes is amazing. He is not only a fine violinist, but a wonderful pedagogue with a structured and well-sequenced curriculum. The students were inspired by their work with him, and the teachers had tools that they could take back into the classroom immediately. His personal journey and the musical outcome of his unique and vast experiences are evident in his terrific playing and teaching. We look forward to having him back!

Brenda Brenner
Former ASTA President

Succinct and Engaging Resources

I still had a lot of things I didn't know, despite majoring in violin during my music education program in university. I'm enjoying all of the resources Chris has put together. I appreciate that Chris has lots of teaching and playing experience in which to have test driven these ideas, and are succinct and engaging in his videos.

Erin Foreman
Professional Violinist and Instructor

Pragmatic and Actionable Approach to Improvisation

I‘ve tried a few approaches to learn improvisation on violin but Christian’s approach was by far the most pragmatic and immediately actionable, without being reductionist.

Nona Lawrence



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