April 19, 2020

Creative Strings Workshop Online – Teachers

Teachers- You were invited to participate Free in the Creative Strings Workshop Online private FB group, as part of our BETA group (completing projects in composition, arranging, and improvisation with you students).

The group is not a social FB group, but rather, a “google classroom on FB”, granting access to premium courses and personalized guidance for the purpose of actively completing projects for yourself and/or your students.  We are requiring that members commit to a minimum of engagement as follows:

1) Provide your email below 2) complete polls (there is currently only one) 3) make an intro post in the discussion.

Enter your best email address below to receive the associated email drip course.

If you have decided not to participate in the project, please instead email chris@christianhowes.com with “delete me” in the subject and I will remove you from the group. Thanks!