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Become a more creative,
versatile musician
or teacher today!

Using the first three modules of my Creative Strings Academy *YOU* can be joining the band, sharing your own creative works, going well beyond your classical training to feelings of deeper self expression and confidence in just two weeks!

Without spending years on trial and error, without a 4-year degree at Berklee, without taking a chance on random teachers, without waiting around for results.

You'll be able to

+ Improvise

+ Go beyond classical, play other genres, go off the page

+ Connect with musicians outside of orchestra

+ Teach skills relevant to your students

+ Attract more gigs, clients, and opportunities as a player or teacher

+ Make Youtube covers, Acapellas, loops, collabs, etc.

PLUS I’ll send you TWICE-WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS for the first month, give you some of my best downloads for your library, provide feedback on your questions via custom videos and personal email responses, and even throw in a free private lesson to help YOU reach YOUR GOALS.

I’ll let you
in on a little

As musicians, we live to share our music.

It’s why so many classically-trained string players want to pursue a more creative direction. Unfortunately, very few follow through.

Why is learning improvisation, new genres, harmony and related subjects such a frustrating problem for classically trained string players ???

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

Abandoning the habits of classical mindset requires adapting to NEW practice habits.  There, I said it. It’s the truth and anyone who is a well-rounded creative musician knows that it is the truth.

It’s not an easy thing to do without having someone point you in the right direction- especially someone who understands the mindset of classical training and has been through the journey to the other side.

I’m sure you’ve been told things by other people that seemed like they would work but then didn’t, like:

X Just use [xyz] scale

X Memorize licks or signature phrases

X Learn chopping pattern

X “Just feel it”

X “Play anything”

If you tried some of these things, you know they didn’t work. So what does?

Use Proper Separation
to Master New Skills
More Effectively

Many musicians try to learn too many new things at once. I separate your study into three pillars to help my students adapt faster to play or teach in many styles, without memorizing endless licks.


Develop YOUR Creative Process

You can develop creative improvisation now, regardless of the level you’re at with harmony, rhythm, and style.

Module 1: Free improvisation will show you:

  • How to create something new every time you pick up your instrument
  • How to improvise free from harmonic constraints
  • How to constructively evaluate your creative works

With my “PAA” Framework, you’ll be creating your own improvisations in under 10 minutes- no prior experience necessary!


Gain the Ability to Hear and Apply Harmony- in Real-Time!

You might think “but I’ve studied theory!”

But studying harmony on paper doesn’t mean you can hear and apply it.

When I joined a rock band in high school, I struggled to apply harmony on the violin fingerboard. My bandmates seemed to understand the music more easily somehow. I didn’t get it- as a Suzuki kid I was told that I had a “good ear”.

But in reality, my ears were very limited. I couldn’t:

  • recognize notes below the register of the violin
  • recognize chords
  • recognize melodies which were different than classical

Then I discovered a process for visualizing harmony on paper which allowed me to start hearing things that I hadn’t even realized were there before.

I’ll show you this trick, as well as how to internalize the harmony and get away from the visual aid quickly, so that you can always confident playing within the chords of the song.

Module 2: Easy Tonal Improvisation will:

  • introduce you to my simple method for visually diagramming harmony
  • get you playing over tonal chord progressions quickly

You’ll never look at harmony the same way again.


Explore a Common Sense Basis for Multiple Musical Styles

Here’s a little secret:

Most popular song styles aren’t defined by different harmonic patterns- they’re defined by rhythmic ones.

By using different rhythms on the same harmony, you can arrange any song in a different style.

I’ll show you what to look for rhythmically to feel more comfortable playing musically in a range of styles, quickly, without needing to memorize 100 licks.

In Module 4: Rhythm, I’ll show you how to:

  • Internalize and play triplet-based meters more comfortably
  • adapt your bow technique to better support your rhythmic ideas

...and more!

Whether you’re just beginning to go beyond classical, an intermediate improviser, or an advanced jazz player, you’ll become a more versatile and creative player (or teacher) with access to the course materials below, including video trainings, downloadable PDF’s, and backing tracks.

You’ll also discover:

  • Chopping & Rhythmic Extended Techniques
  • How to use modal improvisation in Rock, EDM, Bluegrass, world music, or jazz so you can play fast lines and come up with interesting sustained solos over epic jams
  • How to break out of playing the same three licks.
  • 20th Century Classical-sounding free improvisation
  • How to use Amplification, Effects, and Looping,
  • How to interpret a chord chart on first sight
  • Balancing sequencing and randomness
  • The secret to performing unaccompanied without sounding boring


The moment you join the CSA member website, you’ll be able to download the following e-books worth $100 in my e-Store for FREE to keep forever:

About me, Christian Howes

Classically trained from age 5, I became hungry for new challenges in my teens.

That curiosity helped me develop the skills to go beyond classical, the freedom to be creatively self-expressed, and the insight to teach others.

While teaching as an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music, my work was adopted, and is still used, as required study for all string majors.

I enjoyed working at Berklee, and decided to create an affordable alternative for string players to receive my training.

Since then I’ve taught classes at Juilliard, Eastman, Oberlin, Miami, and hundreds of other colleges, schools, and conferences, while refining this online platform and hosting intensive retreats worldwide.

Players who credit my teaching as an influence include:

Michael Doucet (Grammy winning Cajun fiddler), Aubrey Haney (Acclaimed Nashville Session Fiddler )

Leah Zeger (Hans Zimmer), Alex Hargreaves (Chris Thile), Andrea Whitt (Shania Twain & Zucchero Farinacci)

Mike Barnett (Ricky Skaggs), Jeremy Kittle (Turtle Island Quartet), Jason Anick (Swing Phenom)

Is it Right for Me?

If you can say “yes” to ANY of these questions, I believe you’re perfect for Creative Strings Academy:

  • Are you over the age of 12 with at least a few years experience playing violin, viola, or cello?
  • Do you teach private lessons or K-12 strings?
  • Do you have a classical or fiddle background?
  • Are you a seasoned improviser or jazz player, looking for more advancement and depth?

Join Now! Cancel anytime. Your first month will be only $7.

My Guarantee:

If you spend as little as two hours per week with this course, you’ll gain specific takeaways regarding:

  • How to make more of your practice time
  • How to dissect the harmonic and rhythmic components of any tune
  • How to develop your own personal sound
  • How to make sense of different styles of music beyond classical
  • Teachers Help your students with new curriculum relevant to their needs

You’ll also receive four of my most popular downloadable resources, and a free private lesson (worth $100) if you’re new to my teaching.

What's training like this worth to You?

You could get somewhat comparable training at Berklee, Manhattan School, USC, paying over $30,000 per year in tuition alone.

You could do more research, hire a private teacher in your city, for about $300 per month.

Or, you could consider everything I’ve shared here, and join us TODAY…

The normal monthly membership is $39.95 per month, but for a limited time on this page only new members can join Creative Strings Academy and enjoy ALL of the member benefits INCLUDING a free 30-minute private lesson for new students at an introductory rate of $7 for your first month.

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Nothing but the best

I’m floored and grateful for all Chris's very helpful advice. I’ve heard nothing about the best about Chris and that certainly shows here. His advice is heartfelt, generous and cogent.

Stefanie Stellars Musician, Educator