May 23, 2013

Improvisation for Classical Players: The Bebop Scale

Bebop Scales Master Series

Want to expand your musical vocabulary? The bebop scale is a must-know for any jazz string player.


In this package:

•Become familiar with the bebop scale

•Gain an understanding of how to apply this scale

•This three video series will give you everything you need to start incorporating this scale into your improvisation

Bebop Scales Master Series (Video Series + Additional Materials)
    Improve your harmonic fluency by adding this common jazz scale to your vocabulary.
  • Increase your comfort and ease playing faster over ii-V-I progressions.
  • This series includes 3 lesson videos, transcriptions in all twelve keys, and worksheets for each video.
  • Skill Level:< Advanced.
Also included in our Creative Strings Academy
Price: $19.95