February 25, 2013

Creative Strings Workshops- Locations in 2020


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Are you ready to change the way you make music?

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Creative Strings Workshop

World-Renowned Training in Contemporary Styles and Improvisation

Perfect for string players and teachers of all ages looking to:

✓Confidently navigate improvisation, contemporary styles, and related subjects
✓Attract a wider variety of professional opportunities
✓Expand your comfort zone beyond classical
✓Increase the relevancy of your curriculum
✓Reach and serve a wider range of students in your studio or group classes

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Supported and encouraged

I felt so supported and encouraged and I made so many friends and professional contacts in this “leave your ego at the door” environment. I truly felt that everyone at CSW entered in the spirit of mutual growth and sharing of knowledge. I love my Creative Strings community!

Sue Buzzard Violinist

Questions? Email chris@christianhowes.com


Our Story, Your Story

Think of the possibilities. You’re sitting in a room alongside others who need no introduction to how you think. They don’t just understand it- they live it everyday. These are the people who can help you make your vision a reality.
This is Creative Strings Workshop.

creative strings workshop orchestra

18 years ago, it began with a vision to connect innovators in the string playing community.

It’s become a catalyst of a global community—a destination where purpose-driven artists converge to charge the soul.

This is something you’ve simply got to experience.

  • Grow Your Mindset- Step out of your routine to experience new breakthroughs.
  • Connect– Find like-minded creative spirits, potential collaborators, and maybe even new BFFs.
  • Collaborate- Interact with inspiring teachers and peers. Together, you will expand your belief in what’s possible.
  • Be Inspired- When you’re there, there’s just something in the air. It changes you.
  • Find Opportunity– Use your newfound skills and knowledge to seize exciting new opportunities.
  • Contribute– Come, learn, take, and give back to your students and community.

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Our 18th annual flagship will welcome 15 guest artist instructors, and you will work in chamber ensembles, and perform in many concerts around Columbus. It’s a huge party for 6 full days.


A smaller festival in Lausanne, Switzerland featuring three days of programming and three instructors.


A 5-day intimate experience in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains with a limited size group (approx. 15 total) with an emphasis on small class instruction with Christian, outings, and working with a few other guests.

Manhattan, Toronto, Australia

These two-day boot-camps feature group lessons scheduled from 10am-6pm. Christian will take you through extensive playing sequences and share his entire curriculum. These are often paired with small performances, meals, and get-togethers. Often include seminars on entrepreneurship.

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Columbus (adult): June 28- July 4

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Columbus (youth): June 29- July 3

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Malaysia: June 11

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Manhattan: Feb 24-25

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Toronto: May 2-3

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Australia: June 6-7

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Thailand: 10 June

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Asheville: July 7-12

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Teachers: Want Creative Strings to come to your school instead? Find out about our school residencies.

Questions? Email chris@christianhowes.com or schedule a call here.


Nothing but the best

I’m floored and grateful for all Chris's very helpful advice. I’ve heard nothing about the best about Chris and that certainly shows here. His advice is heartfelt, generous and cogent.

Stefanie Stellars Musician, Educator

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these events suitable for my age, background, and level?

Most events are suitable for ages 14 and up, and open to a wide range of levels including teens, college, seniors, professional players, teachers, and amateurs. Younger students (ages 10 and up) are welcome at the Columbus Youth Program.

Asheville is designed for ages 18 and up. Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis after speaking to a parent. Parents, please contact us first.

We welcome players of all backgrounds, whether classical, fiddling, or other!

Previous experience playing or teaching improvisation or contemporary styles is NOT required.

What if I’m already super advanced at classical, jazz, or fiddle styles? Will I be challenged?


Can you play Giant Steps at 250BPM improvising double stops without repeating yourself?

Can you play Sally Goodin at fast tempo in any key and any position?

You will be challenged.

What’s the difference between events in each city?

You can read about the different camps here or follow the links below for more information.

Columbus, Europe, Manhattan, Asheville, Toronto, Australia.

Can I receive professional development funding for these events?

Yes. We are recognized and/or have worked in conjunction with many prominent educational associations, including American String Teachers Association, Ohio Music Educators, North Carolina Music Educators, Suzuki Association of Americas,

We are happy to provide documentation for you to help you apply for funding through your school, employer, city/state, or association

Is financial aid available?

We do make some scholarships available for the Columbus programs. Early registration helps. In some cases, you can apply for work study.

You can also apply to join our Ambassador Program and earn credit towards your tuition by referring others.

Learn more about financial aid here

Reach out to chris@christianhowes.com with questions.

Creative Strings is a non-profit organization with a mission to support music education through outreach, summer conference, and online curriculum.