November 27, 2015

Jazz Violin Caprice- Free sheet music download

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Scroll down to listen to the free streaming audio recording. “Postlude” is a composition for unaccompanied violin included in my newest release on Resonance Records, American Spirit. You can listen to the piece below and download the sheet music for free until December 25.   The transcription of my performance, partially improvised, was created by Gabriel Majou, a wonderful young violinist whom I met at the Creative Strings Summer Conference last July.   If you purchase the American Spirit CD here before December 25th, I’ll happily send you ANY DIGITAL PRODUCT you want from the Creative Strings shop, including video lesson bundles, e-books, downloadable albums, or (some) sheet music. Simply forward me your receipt to to tell me which product you want.  For more on the process and the thoughts behind the composition and the album, see below.   Enter your email below to receive the chart for “Postlude” and the download will automatically begin when you submit your email.

Listen to the piece here:


American Spirit (Hardcopy Only) - Christian Howes (2015)
Christian Howes' 14th studio album (4th with Resonance Records), "American Spirit" celebrates diverse American voices and perspectives on America, ranging from straight ahead and modern jazz to Americana, gospel and R'n'B.
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Price: $18.99

Growing up in the 80s, American pride was framed in relation to events specific to that time. I wanted to reexamine the concept of American Spirit and define it for myself on fresh terms. The new album is an invitation for you to join me in a conversation which allows us to find what we have in common through articulating, expressing, and celebrating American Spirit.


Thoughts on the writing and performance of “Postlude”

I have long thought that to perform and/or compose music for unaccompanied violin is one of the greatest challenges I could take on and many violinists have told me that they would like to have more contemporary music to perform. This piece welcomes improvisation while allowing for performers to perform fully as written. It synthesizes elements of traditional repertoire I’ve studied such as Bach, Paganini, Rode, Dont, and Ysaye, with my own, personal melodic and harmonic vocabulary influenced by jazz and other contemporary styles.


Any original work, and especially a solo piece, is imperative to my personal artistic identity. It tells my story. It also fits with the theme of American Spirit, i.e., a new world connecting to aspects of old world traditions. Furthermore, I felt that making a connection to the classical community is important in order to create a bridge whereby non-jazz listeners will connect to the rest of the material on the album. This is in keeping with my mission and that of Creative Strings to transform the culture of music education in a way which breaks down barriers conceived between jazz, classical music, and the participatory culture.


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