November 18, 2013

Past Outreach Events

Christian Howes has been working with schools for years now, coming to hundreds of schools in over 30 states in the US. Below is what happened at some of these past outreach events.



“I just wanted to thank you for making Monday’s workshop such a great experience for my students. I had a parent email me and tell me her daughter couldn’t stop talking about the event. Her mom said she thought it was one of the “coolest things she’s ever, ever, ever done”. Thanks Christian for inspiring my students!”

Corrie Franklin, orchestra teacher, Chapel Hill High School – Chapel Hill, NC

Read more about Christian Howes’ visit to Chapel Hill High School on March 17, 2014 here


“…Music means more than sheet music – it has its own emotion and I have never felt that more true than last night playing Cascade. Having Christian Howes come and help us made me recognize what it was I loved about music, not because he is a professional but because he shares that love for music that I do.”

Brittany Lasley, senior, Princess Anne High School – Virginia Beach, VA


“Thank you for a great workshop with our students today! There is so much to learn and you opened up so many possibilities. Enthusiasm and inspiration are priceless and you offered us both!”

Carole Shoaf, string teacher – Asheville, NC


“…Although this experience was very different from conventional orchestral music, it was a phenomenal experience to step out of the classical realm and into a completely different style.  One of my favorite parts of the concert was that everyone, whether if he thinks that he is not “musical,” connected with the style and performed accordingly. This was truly an eye-opening experience.”

Jerry Yu, senior, Princess Anne High School – Virginia Beach, VA


“…The concert last night was an unforgettable experience, as we finally were able to perform what we were collaborating with Mr. Howes and incorporating new styles into. I greatly appreciate everything we had done in the past few days, and certainly took back many lessons that vastly helped my creative and musical skills.”

John Lim, freshman, Princess Anne High School – Virginia Beach, VA



Watch a residency unfold when Christian Howes worked with the Blue Valley School District in Kansas.



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christian howes works with students as a jazz school visit

strings guestApril 07, 20139 copy

christian howes teaches jazz and improvisation to students



Sample Program

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sample program of a jazz school residency with christian howesanother sample program for a jazz residency