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June 2, 2011

Your Special Offer from Christian Howes

Here is the special pricing as promised. Lock in your first month of membership for only 4.95!! After the first month, the cost will increase to 24.95 a month. As with every membership purchase you can cancel at any time and you will be refunded your money if you are not completely satisfied!

Limited Time Offer! Discounted Basic Membership Price
Limited Time Offer! Discounted Basic Membership Price
Pay 4.95 now for the first MONTH of Video lessons and to lock in your membership for only $39.95 per month after that. Gain access to all Christian Howes's lesson videos, the Tonal Improv multimedia series, the Harmony Handbook, Chord Glossary, live group calls with Christian, exclusive interviews, and more for only 4.95 for the entire first month! Basic Members can also request the addition of any video content they wish to study. Cancel anytime. These are going quick and pricing will only increase!
Price: $4.95