July 27, 2015

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We have added our highly anticipated, 16-part series entitled “Anatomy Of A Groove” here to the Creative Strings Academy. This series breaks down the components necessary to build your own groove, elements of a great solo, and using technology to help practice. This also features two bonus videos, including a sample solo from Christian Howes and a course on the different effects available on the electric violin.

Start learning about the Anatomy Of A Groove now! (Also available on the right sidebar)



We’ve added a Diminished Scale practice exercise under the Diminished Scale section – check it out now!



Click the images below to check out the latest Play Along videos. Here, Christians shares various tips and techniques for playing in the Blues and Swing styles, and then provides material for you to play along.

Playalong SWING_1   Playalong BLUES_1




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“Sometimes It Snows In April” – Prince (Christian Howes violin cover)


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