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February 3: To make sure you get the most of the Easy Tonal Improv (AKA Improvising with Pachelbel), we’ve added a quiz for you to take. Check out at the bottom of the lesson page on the right!

October 28: We’ve added three more Small Ensemble Pieces for you to practice and perform with your small groups. These include parts for violin, viola, and cello, and also contain the MP3 of the pieces. You can find them, along with our Small Ensemble Exercises, here on our Small Ensembles page.

August 26: More updates added to expand the Easy Tonal Improvisation module including chord stacks for new tunes and additional text.

August 17: Additions made to the “Modes” and “Free Improvisation” modules!

August 16: You can now find a revised module on “Easy Tonal Improv” aka “Improvising with Pachelbel”. It is now “classroom ready”, and improved for individual members too. Look for more expansion of this module soon. All feedback is welcome!

-Note to teachers: Edmodo is an interface that allows for privacy and full collaboration online. By connecting through Edmodo you can gain greater capabilities collaborating with your students, assigning and assessing their work on CSA, while maintaining total privacy. Edmodo is government approved and meets all legal privacy requirements in public schools.


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