School Visits and Orchestral Guest Performances

Give your strings program the breakthrough it deserves.

Christian’s “Creative Strings” residencies include hands-on workshops, online learning, teacher training, and collaborative concerts in which your students delve into improvisation, composition, contemporary styles, music technology, and much more.


Currently booking for 2015 and 2016 – contact Tiffany Goodman for availability. tiffany@goodmanartists – 772-283-2830

For more information on the residencies Christian Howes offers, download this guide here.

Why Christian Howes?

A former Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music, Christian is widely established as one of the world’s most respected jazz violinists. A Suzuki-trained, accomplished classical violinist as well, he brings a unique perspective enabling him to help classically trained string players and teachers broaden their knowledge and skills. His cohesive curriculum in improvisation, composition, eclectic styles, and strings technology is geared for students and teachers to take away actionable knowledge. 90% of his workshops involve students with instruments in hand.


What sets it apart:christian howes offers a violin school residency for string players

Unlike other cookie-cutter guest artist programs, Christian’s “Creative Strings” experience emphasizes customized student workshops and performance experiences which are both fun and highly artistic. Participating students become inspired and motivated while developing confidence in increasingly sustainable musicianship. Christian presents real solutions to teaching and learning improvisation, composition, eclectic styles, and related subjects. All teachers and students receive online learning modules in advance of Christian’s visit including instructional videos, backing tracks, quizzes, and lesson plans to ensure and assess learning.


Why it’s necessary:

With just seventeen full time American orchestras remaining, the need for classical musicians to diversify is self-evident. Music education programs must offer a broad array of skills and understanding so that students will both be more employable and able to incorporate music into their lives, whether or not they become professional musicians.


teach your students improvisation with a violin school residencyWhat you will gain:

You’ll have the full support of Christian and his team before and after the residency. Managing over 50 school visits per year, we will provide support in logistics, promotion, programming. Our vested interest is in partnering to create successful events for teachers, students, families, and communities, and a successful event is a win-win for all involved.


Our sponsors, Yamaha and D’Addario have provided resources to allow schools to utilize Christian Howes’ Creative Strings Academy for free in anticipation of his visit, so students and teachers can make the most of the time Christian has at your school. Additional sponsorships and subsidies may be available.


How can I bring this into my school? What is the process?:

Email or call Tiffany // 773.283.2830

First, we’ll work with you in planning a time for Christian to come into your school.  Once a time frame is agreed upon, you’ll receive your unique login for the Creative Strings Academy so you and your students can dive headfirst into the Creative Strings realm.

We will work closely with you to promote, schedule,and program, and when Christian visits there will be a mutually agreed itinerary to serve the needs of your district including teacher training, k-12 students at various schools, and any media appearances.

All of this will culminate into a final performance in which the students will display everything they have learned. The performance will highlight the new-found strengths of the students. Christian will also perform during the concert, but the concert is very student-centered. The event is an opportunity to fundraise, promote your program, recruit, and develop support for and from your community.



Find more info at the links on the right, or email/call Tiffany Goodman to ask any questions about a Christian Howes school visit. – 773-283-2830