Jazz Violin Caprice – Free sheet music download (for unaccompanied violin)


Unaccompanied repertoire for violin is hard to come by. I wanted to add to the repertoire and give violinists more choices of solo pieces to perform. I’m giving away my newly bowed/fingered edition below (free). The new chart even includes chord changes for anyone who would like to try improvising in their own performance of the piece.

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Listen to the piece here:

Also, check out this stellar interpretation by Ukrainian violinist Oleh Kalaida, who interpreted and performed my Caprice and produced this wonderful video with Peter Vawter:

I have long wanted to compose new music for unaccompanied violin, and many violinists have told me that they would like to have more contemporary music to perform. This piece welcomes improvisation while allowing for performers to perform fully as written if they choose. It synthesizes elements of traditional repertoire such as Bach, Paganini, Rode, Dont, and Ysaye, with my personal melodic and harmonic vocabulary influenced by jazz and other contemporary styles. 

“Postlude” is a composition for unaccompanied violin included in my 2015 release on Resonance Records, American Spirit. Any original work, and especially a solo piece, is imperative to my personal artistic identity. This piece also fits with the theme of American Spirit, i.e., a new world  growing out of old world traditions. I hoped that making a connection to the classical community would create a bridge for non-jazz listeners to other material on the album. Part of my mission as an educator is to break down barriers between jazz, classical music, and the participatory culture.

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